EX.UA for a month extended work

EX.UA на месяц продлил работу

EX.UA extended the work for a month

The resource’s domain is for sale for a million dollars. All the money they promise to give to charity.

The largest Ukrainian file sharing EX.UA extended the service until 31 December 2016, but with limited functionality, says the website resource.

Recall ЕХ.UA announced the termination of work on November 16. The guide explained this disagreement with legislative initiatives to combat piracy.

The website said that extend the work of the resource decided to migrate personal archives EX.UA. In this guide, shut down access to file sharing. Email will also work up to 31 December and from 1 January it will be available on the new domain.

It is also noted that the resource’s domain is for sale for a million dollars. All this money promise to give to charity.

At the same time, the user of the website is considering the launch of closed file storage, and on December 21 promises to provide information about the new project.

Recall that the President reacted positively to the closure EX.UA.


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