Football legend robbed of more than half a million euros

Легенду футбола ограбили более чем на полмиллиона евро

Luis Figo

Former real Madrid midfielder Luis Figo became the victim of robbers.

On Tuesday in Madrid the estate of Luis entered the unknown thieves who had robbed the Portuguese of ownership on a very large sum.

According to The Sun, the thieves snuck into the room through the door on the terrace, and then delivered more than 500 thousand euros. in jewelry and cash.

The Fig in this moment was not at home, but the next morning he discovered the loss and reported it to local law enforcement.

The police confirmed the theft and statements from Luis, but all other information refused to disclose, arguing that the investigative mystery.

As it became known to journalists, in the hands of the police were recording from surveillance cameras in which there are robbers, and are now servants of actively analyze the available data.

Легенду футбола ограбили более чем на полмиллиона евро
David Beckham and Luis Figo

In addition to his football talent, Nevermind the famous “treacherous crossing” from Barcelona to Madrid, which the fans at Cam Nou threw a player a severed pig’s head in 2002. Currently he acts as the representative of the Swiss company IWC, which produces branded watches.

Now Luis is a successful businessman with commercial interests around the world. The Portuguese state is estimated at approximately 50 million euros.

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