In August there will be a total solar Eclipse

В августе произойдет полное солнечное затмение

The duration of the Eclipse at the maximum will be 2 minutes 40 seconds.

Scientists from the National solar Observatory, USA, said that in August of 2017 there will be a full solar Eclipse.

According to the researchers, the crown will be several times more than during previous eclipses.

The duration of the Eclipse at the maximum will be 2 minutes 40 seconds, the width of the lunar shadow on the earth’s surface will be 115 kilometers.

To observe a unique phenomenon can only U.S. residents. A partial Eclipse will take over Western Europe and South America.

In Ukraine, the Eclipse will not be visible. The next such Eclipse will occur September 2, 2035.

Recall that scientists from the Global Footprint Network, measuring the renewable resources of the planet, calculated day of the year in which the Land is not able to recover the consumed human resources – and when people start destroying their habitat.

In 2017, this “point of no return” falls on August 2. Thus, this year people will consume all the renewable resources of the Earth for 6 days earlier than in 2016.

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