In the EU and USA called on to hold a gay parade in Kiev

В ЕС и США призвали провести гей-парад в Киеве

The ambassadors of the EU, US and UK urged to hold a gay parade in Kiev

The diplomatic community is planning to observe the March and to join.

15 ambassadors of the EU countries, as well as Britain and the United States urged the police and authorities of Kiev to uphold and defend the equality March in Kiev.

Earlier, the activists called the equality March in Kiev on 18 June. In addition, in August in Odessa want to hold a gay pride parade.

This is stated in the joint statement of the ambassadors of Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, EU, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA.

“The theme of this year’s equality March, scheduled for 18 June 2017 in Kiev – “Country for everyone”. After the peace event last year Kievprayd and current song contest “Eurovision”, the slogan of which was “Respect diversity”, we encourage everyone to take advantage of this successful experience”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the diplomatic community is planning to observe the March and to join.

At the same time, the ambassadors underlined that the international community continues to Express concerns about the safety of LGBT people in Ukraine, although it recognizes “the significant progress towards the recognition and protection of human rights”.

Meanwhile, today in Kherson attacked a gay pride parade.


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