In the Rivne region the car pulled down the post patrol

В Ровенской области машина снесла пост патрульных

There were no casualties.

In the Rivne region, at the entrance to the district of Sarny, an accident – a car collided with a bus, then crashed into a post of the patrol police.

“According to police, the driver of the Mazda CX-6 of Rokytnivskiy district did not provide the benefits of moving by Shuttle bus “Bogdan” which went on the main road with a circular motion. The demolished guard house fell on the patrol car. Fortunately, has done without victims”, – said Chairman of the Rivne regional Council Nikolai Draganchuk.

В Ровенской области машина снесла пост патрульных

Photos from the scene

The victim received medical treatment.

Recall that in Kiev, prospect Mayakovsky car at high speed crashed into a minibus that was standing at the bus stop. In the accident injured the wife of the driver of the car.

In Kiev, taxis staged an accident at the bus stop


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