In the wording Stranaya being searched

В редакции Страна.ua проходят обыски

В редакции Страна.ua проходят обыски

В редакции Страна.ua проходят обыски

В редакции Страна.ua проходят обыски

В редакции Страна.ua проходят обыски

The editor of the publication contends that the search takes place in a fabricated case.

In the wording of the information resource Stranaya are searched. This was reported by the news editor of the newspaper Igor Guzhva on his page in Facebook on Thursday evening, June 22.

“At us in edition a search in a fabricated case. Details later”, – said Guzhva.

As he explained in comments to Ukrainian news, the criminal case against the publication of falsified and came after critical articles about the MP from the faction of the Radical party Dmitry Linko.

“A couple of months ago we had people from molting. Offered 20 thousand dollars, so we made one material. We refused. Since then we’re trying to sew a criminal case,” – said the chief editor.

In turn, the Deputy chief editor of svetalana Kryukov said in Facebook details.

“Our news room in one room was occupied by SBU officers. About 15-20 people. The building of the business center closed at the entrance. Within three editorial staff, and the rabbit, including the chief editor Igor Guzhva. The reason is not yet clear,” she wrote.

“Now I understand what #recoverymodel said Poroshenko at a press conference,” – said Kryukov.

Olena Lukash, who arrived in the editorial office as a lawyer, posted a Facebook video from the event. In the video, witnesses can’t answer her question, where the investigator took the money:

Note, Guzhva was the chief editor of the newspaper to. In 2015 he was suspected of tax evasion. During the 2014-2015 year, the representatives of the tax authorities and the SBU repeatedly conducted searches in the editorial office on charges of tax evasion and separatism.

Also, in 2014, Guzhva was detained by militiamen.


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