Kiev protested because of the overlap of the Strait

Киев выразил протест из-за перекрытия пролива

The Kerch Strait was closed to vessel traffic

Russia sent a note of protest.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry sent a note of protest because of the ban by Russia of navigation through the Kerch Strait in connection with the construction of the Kerch bridge. A statement posted on the Agency’s website.

“Ukraine’s foreign Ministry expresses protest in connection with the introduction of the Russian Federation of the prohibition of navigation through the Kerch Strait during August and September, 2017 associated with the construction of the bridge, and once again emphasizes the wrongfulness of such actions”, – is told in the message.

Also, the office noted that the construction of the bridge occurs with violations of international law, because Ukraine as a coastal country were not given such a right.

Ukraine is also concerned about the environmental damage that can cause a construction.

“The introduction of the Russian Federation unilaterally, restrictions on Maritime traffic through the Strait of Kerch is another blatant disregard by the Russian Federation with norms of international law”, – said the foreign Minister.

We will remind, Russia has blocked the Kerch Strait for navigation, and intends to do so during August and September.

Russia partially block the Kerch Strait


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