Media published a letter to Russia’s threats to Ukraine

СМИ опубликовали письмо России с угрозами Украине

Russia has threatened Ukraine missile strike in a letter

The document confirms the threats of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation due to the Ukrainian exercises near the Crimea, the newspaper writes.

The publication Ukrainian Pravda reported that he had received a letter from the Russian Ministry of defence addressed to the military atasate at the Embassy of Ukraine in Russia, threatening to launch a missile attack.

Ukraine will hold a missile over the Black sea on December 1-2. These plans provoked sharp criticism of the Kremlin. According to Ukrainian Pravda, Russia has threatened Ukraine missile strike, by sending a letter to the military attaché at the Embassy of Ukraine in the Russian Federation.

“The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation warns that upon detection of a launched missile in the area they will be destroyed by the air defense forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation”, – said in the letter.

“If launched, the missiles would pose a threat to Russian objects in the area of the territory of the Russian Federation (on land, at sea and in the air), would be dealt a retaliatory strike for the destruction of their means of launch,” added the defense Ministry.

СМИ опубликовали письмо России с угрозами Украине


Today it was also reported that Ukraine will complain to the threat of Russia to the world community.

In addition, the defense Ministry confirmed that allow a missile strike by Russia on Ukraine.


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