Media: Russian military Ageev is in jail

СМИ: Российский военный Агеев находится в СИЗО

The Russians arrested without the right of bail.

Russian military Victor Ageev, who was taken prisoner in the course of liquidation of subversive group LC, is in jail Starobelsk. It is reported by Gromadske.

Ageev and three other separatists, who together with him was captured, the measure of restraint under article “terrorist act”.

In jail, commenting about his possible injury during captivity, said that health Ageeva all right. The case is investigated by the investigative Department of management of SBU in the Luhansk region, and procedural management is performed by the Military Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine.

He and three of his accomplices – citizens of Ukraine, arrested without the right of bail.

СМИ: Российский военный Агеев находится в СИЗО



Recall, Ageev was taken prisoner on June 24 under the Groove of the Luhansk region. His mother confirmed to reporters that after military service he left to serve in the Russian army under the contract.

Earlier, the media announced the details of the arrest of Russian spies.


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