Missile firing near the Crimea: online

Ракетные стрельбы возле Крыма: онлайн

Ukraine on 1 December despite the protests of Russia at the beginning of missile exercises near the Crimea: an online stream.

Ukraine on 1 December despite the protests of Russia launched an air missile exercises near the Crimea and changed the routes of aircraft in the Peninsula. Russia withdrew its warships CHFRF to the West coast of the Crimea and Ukraine informed about possible retaliation in case of entry of missiles into the territory of Russia and Crimea. During the exercise tests will be held anti-aircraft missiles, medium-range s-300.

Text stream:

13:30 command reported fire is in full swing, have already completed 50% of tasks.

13:20 Poroshenko said that the only reason that made to exercise – the need to be ready for full-scale invasion of Russia.

12:53 Ukraine seems to flinch. The area of dangerous flights changed, that is visible on the online maps. The new frontier (pink line) does not affect the space of the Crimea. It is not surprising that in Russia stopped “hysteria”. Even Aksenov has already stated that the exercises do not have to the Crimea irrelevant.

Ракетные стрельбы возле Крыма: онлайн

Interactive map liveuamap.com 1 December 13:00

Ракетные стрельбы возле Крыма: онлайн

The new line of dangerous flights highlighted in pink – she moved away from the old line, which was 11.77 km from the Crimea, by 17.62 km. Screenshot: liveuamap.com

Ракетные стрельбы возле Крыма: онлайн

In General the new line to Crimea – 28,25 km.

12:18 Petro Poroshenko wrote on Twitter that the first launches of Ukrainian missiles were successful.

Ракетные стрельбы возле Крыма: онлайн


11:59 of the Federal air transport Agency said that Ukraine has moved the zone of firing “outside the Russian Federation”

10:59 Ukraine has changed the routes of aircraft in the Crimea, rejecting them for a couple of kilometers.

9:49 of the Russian Federation led the fleet into position to the West of the Crimea. These ships unable to order on the enforcement on high alert.

9:12 of Response from Russia yet.

9:10 Ukraine began missile exercises near Crimea

8:30 APU assert that the border of the Eastern part of the danger zone of exercises held in 27-30 km from the North-West coast of the Crimea, and the direct location of launches at a distance of 90 km, which eliminates the threat for the residents of the Crimea.

08:27 Russia notified Ukraine about possible retaliatory strikes. The air defense system of the Russian Federation will shoot down the rockets discovered in the area of the flight information region of Simferopol and Odessa as part of exercise, promised the defense Ministry.

Ракетные стрельбы возле Крыма: онлайн

The text of the notification in the Control system of civil aviation USA





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