New old champion: Who is Magnus Carlsen

Новый старый чемпион: Кто такой Магнус Карлсен

Magnus Carlsen

Tonight the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen in new York managed to defeat the Russians Sergey Karjakin and defended his title of world chess champion.

Match for the title were very hard. Long time no one could win, while in 8 of the party suddenly Karjakin came forward. Such a turn of events forced Carlsen to get together and in 10 lot score again became equal. And after 12 years of parties, after which the score was 6-6, it was announced that the winner is determined in the tiebreak, Carlsen proved his advantage and defended the title.

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“Today I felt their superiority and won a deserved victory. Although the fight was hard. Karjakin had a very strong resistance”, – said after the match Carlsen. It is noteworthy that the victory went to Norway in his birthday. “To protect the title to your birthday — there’s nothing better,” he added.

This battle for the chess crown was very young age. And Carlsen and Karjakin at the age of 26. This means that there will be even a lot of intense fights between the young masters.

Magnus – one of the prodigies of the chess world. He is the third in the list of the youngest grandmasters in history, he is the only one in the history of chess, a world champion in three categories (classical, rapid and blitz). At the same time, the young Norwegian chess combines with career-and even the model advertising clothing brand G-Star RAW.

Новый старый чемпион: Кто такой Магнус Карлсен

Magnus Carlsen

Carlsen is the fans of real Madrid. Royal club even called one day chess to symbolically kicking in one of the matches of the team.

Новый старый чемпион: Кто такой Магнус Карлсен

Magnus Carlsen

About Carlsen say a lot and mostly good. His style of play compared to a computer. “Completer material, and the younger generation, of course, had learned to deal with. Players today play may be less interesting and beautiful, but more pragmatic. This also applies to Carlsen,” – said Sergey Dolmatov, coached the Russian national team in the early 2000s.

In 2013, Carlsen first appeared on the title. His opponent was the famous Indian Viswanathan Anand. Having played the first four games in a draw, then Carlsen began to win and after 10 of the party became the champion of the world. A year Carlsen and Anand met again in the main match. This time Carlsen took 11 parties to defend the title.

Many experts predict that Carlsen still has a long triumph in the chess world. But the game Karjakin ended the match shows that no one’s unbeatable. You just need to change your mind Carlsen. Yet it failed. Until…


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