Rebrov: Dynamo charged the team, as he appeared in the locker room

Ребров: Лобановский заряжал команду, как только появлялся в раздевалке

Serhiy Rebrov

Former striker of Dynamo Kiev, and now a mentor “white-blue”, shared their memories of their speeches under the guidance of

A great impression on Sergei Rebrov fired the legendary coach of Kiev Valery Lobanovsky, on which the current head coach of Dinamo have only good memories.

“Lobanovsky was charging the team, as he appeared in the locker room or somewhere else. His authority and charisma very strongly acted on the players. Personally, I did not have to talk about this because I understood from his look. If I made some mistakes, he certainly should say so and demand to improve. And it will not raise the voice, and just find the right words to evoke in your ward desired reaction. When he was sitting on the bench, all the players felt his presence and played not only for fans, but for him”, – quotes Sergei Rebrov official website of Dynamo.

Ребров: Лобановский заряжал команду, как только появлялся в раздевалке

“His methods were not peculiar. He was a real person, just it combined so many good qualities. Many say that he was a good psychologist. Indeed, he could find the right approach and the right words for each player. At that time, the team were a single entity, because all players understood each other because they spoke the same language, and understood what Dynamo Kiev and what kind of competition was at that time in the team. If you remember, through team 1998-1999 took a lot of the players. Lobanovsky always said, “Take me to as many players as possible, and then I will understand. Those who survive and survive the competition, and will be the backbone. The rest will break up.” And this approach is very correct for teams that want to achieve big goals – if competition is present at each position, the players grow professionally,” – said Ukrainian specialist.

We will remind, earlier reported that UEFA have included Valery Lobanovsky in the top ten best coaches of all time.

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