The court began to take a measure of the Fracture in the case of ex-Deputy BP Martynenko

Суд начал избирать меру пресечения Переломе по делу экс-депутата ВР Мартыненко

Sergey Fracture. Photo from the archive.

The Solomensky district court of Kiev began to elect a measure of restraint for the former Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Odessa port plant Sergey Fractures in the case of former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Mykola Martynenko, report “Ukrainian news”.

According to the report, judge Alexander Bobrovnik began to consider the petition for arrest of the Fractures during a break in the case Martynenko.

“The lawyers of the former MPs, who are also defenders of Fractures, said the withdrawal of judge Bobrivnyk, accusing him of bias. Prosecutors did not support it. Around 19:50 the court declared a break in consideration of this case for consideration of applications for withdrawal”, – stated in the message.

Recall now the Deputy Prosecutor General — head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky reported that another suspect in the case “SHGs” he is a former Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Odessa port plant Sergey Fracture. SAP intends to apply for on the application for his arrest with the possibility of additional UAH 100 million of collateral.

As you know, on 20 April 2017 employees of NAB arrested former people’s Deputy of Ukraine Mykola Martynenko. To him reported about suspicion in creation of criminal organization (part 5, article 191 of the criminal code) and misappropriation, embezzlement of property or taking to them by abuse of official position (paragraph 1 of article 255 of the UCU).

News on topic: Protection Martynenko said the withdrawal of judge Bobrivnyk, the meeting adjourned

On the same day, the detectives NAB under the procedural management of SAP prosecutors detained a second suspect in the crimes under part 1 of article 255 (“forming criminal organizations”), part 5 of article 191 (“Assignment, waste of property or taking to them by abuse of official position”) Criminal code of Ukraine.

According to investigators, the state enterprise “SHGs” signed a contract with the intermediary company controlled by detained ex-MP, for the supply of uranium concentrate at inflated prices, resulting in the interests of the GP in the years 2014-2016 was damaged in the amount of 17.28 million.

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