The driver who entered the checkpoint in the Lugansk region, was drunk.

Водитель, который въехал в блокпост в Луганской обл., был пьян, - штаб

The driver who entered the checkpoint in the Luhansk region near the city of Happiness, the result of which were injured one soldier, was drunk. This broadcast “112 Ukraine” said the representative staff ATO Sergey Zhmurko.

“After arriving at the scene the operative group of the National police it was found that the driver, who is local city Happiness, was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. While checking the outfit of the National police through technical means in the blood of the driver was detected at 1.7 ppm alcohol”, – commented on Zmurko.

To the question, what is the status of the Sergeant, who was injured at the checkpoint, Sergei Zmurko said:
“Soldier, Sergeant. Easy injury. A preliminary diagnosis of a laceration of the thumb of the left hand”.

It is reported that the driver of the car was transferred to the military commandant of the city Happiness and duty alongside of the Channel.

We will remind, in the Luhansk region near the city of Happiness in the checkpoint in the area of anti-terrorist operation drove the car. The accident Sergeant APU was injured.

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