The NAB is investigating 61 case e-declarations − media

НАБУ расследует 61 дело по е-декларациям − СМИ

NABU investigate the audit e-returns

Among the defendants in the cases lead judges and MPs.

The national anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) is investigating 61 criminal case on the results of the analysis of electronic declarations of officials, reports the Censor.With reference to response agencies.

It is noted that more than half of cases relate to illicit enrichment, the 19 − possible Declaration of false information. The actions of five officials seen signs of both crimes.

Among the defendants in the most judges − 17 people and MPs − 16 people. In respect of the heads of Central bodies of Executive power of 12 open criminal proceedings.

NACP checks Declaration Poroshenko Groysman

Previously, the National Agency for prevention of corruption announced that it will conduct a full scan of 20 declarations of officials.

E-declarations of officials

The Deputy Director ProZorro bought an apartment in Donetsk

The court has forbidden to check the Declaration Lyashko

NACP will conduct a full scan for another 20 declarations

NACP checks Declaration Poroshenko Groysman

Poroshenko added more than a million in return

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