Ukraine has tested a new missile complex

В Украине испытали новый ракетный комплекс

Missile system Corsair has been successfully tested.

In the SE the State Kyiv design Bureau LUCH reported the successful test of a lightweight portable missile system the Corsair. This was reported on the company’s website in Facebook.

В Украине испытали новый ракетный комплекс

Armor penetration Corsair

The Corsair is designed to destroy stationary and moving modern armored targets. Ukrainian missile system capable of hitting targets with reactive armor.

Also, the Corsair can be used against small targets such as long-term weapon emplacements, tanks in trench, lightly armored objects and helicopters.

To use the missile system as possible from the machine, and parapet.

Earlier, the GP BEAM showed an upgraded rocket project Alder for reactive systems of volley fire (MLRS).

Ukraine has tested a new guided missile