“Ukrbud” introduced a new appearance of their homes

"Укрбуд" представил новый внешний вид своих домов

In July construction Corporation “ukrbud” announced the change of approaches in the design of their new buildings. One of the major steps in this direction was the restyling of the facades of the buildings – to meet all modern world standards and has an original and recognizable style. Such a decision, the Corporation adopted the results of a poll among the tenants in their homes during which they voiced their wishes to improve the built complexes and new projects developer.

The first result of the cooperation specializing in the architecture and design of the AVG group of companies has become a new vision of the appearance of residential complexes under construction by the Corporation in Kiev.

The project restyling of the facades of the Corporation “ukrbud” is one of the important steps in the development of urban infrastructure of the capital of Ukraine. Builders and developers along with the architects change the quality of life in the city, – says the founder and owner of the AVG group of companies Andrew voytko. One of the main ideas of modern architecture is to serve humanity. Architecture is not an end in itself. Hence the work with the urban space, food-grade, biodegradable solutions, and extensive analytical work. What did the “ukrbud” before the start of the project – measurement of attitudes and expectations of consumers is a unusual and important step.

"Укрбуд" представил новый внешний вид своих домов



For the residential complex “Lake House” in Obolon district of the capital specialists AVG has created a more relaxed style with white and beige colors, designed to immerse the person in a relaxed homely atmosphere. The altitude of architecture stressed the contrasting vertical panels, and the main focus became brick finish, giving the feeling of comfort and reliability.

"Укрбуд" представил новый внешний вид своих домов



The complex “Crystal House” located in goloseyevsky area, the designers saw an opportunity to implement the ideas of the legendary American architect Robert stern, whose architectural office has implemented more than 400 projects in 25 countries. According to the plan of AVG, Kyiv LCD Stoneprocessing famous 70 Vestry in new York. The status of the house is accented by a respectable facades with natural stone and modern technologies of glazing. With this update, the “Crystal House” has acquired a strict and clear form, typical of the architecture of the stern.

"Укрбуд" представил новый внешний вид своих домов



And in the residential complex “Pectoral” in Svyatoshinsky district the determining factor in the choice of color scheme became the name of the complex. To Express the philosophy of the Scythian symbol of the power is decorated with shades of gold. In combination with orange and gray elements creates a holistic way that distinguishes the house from the usual urban sprawl. In addition, the rich color of the lower floors, turning into a lighter tone as you get closer to the roof, gives the feeling of a light air facade.

"Укрбуд" представил новый внешний вид своих домов



We want to create these homes, which would be the pride of the residents. Homes, are happy to drive guests home, next to them just to be nice, – says General Director of the company “ukrbud development” Oleg Mayboroda. – Restyling of the facades is just one of the steps in this direction. We devote a lot of time and interior design of homes, a meaningful approach to the improvement of the surrounding territory and the formation of urban space, closely monitor the quality of construction and service companies introducing a number of innovative programs. And only together all these solutions will help us to achieve this goal is not just to build housing but to create comfort.

Soon rethought appearance will receive other complexes “Ukrbud”, under construction in Kiev. Today, the Corporation is building 28 of these objects. As for the already commissioned houses, their over the last five years was built more than fifty, and the total square footage of house is more than 750 thousand square meters.


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