Victory day is considered a holiday, the majority of Ukrainians – poll

День Победы считают праздником большинство украинцев - опрос

A symbol may 9 in Ukraine became a red poppy

May 9 is a holiday for 82% of Ukrainians.

The may 9 Victory day is a holiday with a significant symbolism for the majority of Ukrainians. This is evidenced by research conducted by the Sociological group rating on the order of “Focus”magazine.

“The may 9 Victory day is a holiday with a significant symbolism for 82% of Ukrainians, 7% consider it a relic of the past, 9% of normal, or a day, and 2% not defined”, – stated in the text of the study.

Don’t want to leave the Ukrainians on March 8, considering it a “holiday with significant symbolism”. This was stated by 70% of respondents.

First of may is celebrated as the festival half of the respondents, while 18% consider it normal weekends.

Residents of the West villages as well as supporters of Freedom in a greater degree consider the above-mentioned holidays, a relic of the past or ordinary day.

We will remind, on may 9 all over Ukraine was held the action dedicated to the victory Day over Nazism. In many major cities was not without conflict. So, in the river was affected. Clashes also took place in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa.


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