Volvo completely phasing out gasoline engines

Volvo полностью отказывается от бензиновых двигателей

All Volvo cars will be equipped with electric motors or hybrid motors.

All Volvo cars will be equipped with electric motors or hybrid engines, starting in 2019. This was stated by the CEO of the automaker, Hakan Samuelsson, writes The Financial Times.

So, Volvo became the first major car manufacturer, which announced the abandonment of traditional internal combustion engines.

“Volvo Cars has promised to sell 1 million electric vehicles by 2025, and we used to deliver on its promises. That’s exactly what we intend to achieve it,” said Samuelsson.

Note, after the acquisition of Volvo by the Chinese Geely in 2010 the company has intensified its efforts on the development and implementation of electric motors. China is the world’s largest market for cars with these engines, but Geely is the only Chinese car company supplying its products to the United States, the second largest market.

We will remind, according to Bloomberg, seven years the average cost of an electric vehicle will fall below $30 thousand and will continue to decline to $26 thousand by 2030.


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