1+1 said about the attempt of raider capture of the channel

1+1 заявил о попытке рейдерского захвата канала

The 1+1 TV channel said that it wants to deny the license

The 1+1 TV channel said that he wants to deprive of a license, the AP tries to transmit the control channel to hands.

The management of the TV channel 1+1 said the attempt to deprive the TV station license. Journalists of 1+1 had published an open letter to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy and Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, reports TSN.

“Today, December 29, 2016 last day of validity of licenses for analogue broadcasting of TV channel 1+1. Two weeks ago, on December 15, the national Council on television and radio broadcasting unanimously voted for the renewal and extension of the license for the channel. However, the license was never issued. The last two weeks from different sources we get information about the attempt to cancel the decision and to carry out raider capture of the channel”, – stated in the message.

According to a team 1+1, from various sources received information that the presidential Administration is trying to influence the decisions of the National Council and to transfer control of the canal to other hands.

“We want to caution and warn those who are behind the attempts to disable a channel that is a daily source of news for millions of Ukrainians, even in the absence of paper, we have a legal right to continue broadcasting. Is no longer possible to intimidate us, but we hope that in 2016, in contrast to the situation three years ago, the state itself is interested in implementation of legal procedures and the work of independent media”, – stated in the message.

The Council is asked to deny a license Triolan

We will remind, last year the national television extended the license of the inter TV channel until 2023.