120 families affected by the fraud of the Builder, will receive their apartments

120 семей, пострадавших от аферы застройщика, получат свои квартиры

In Kiev will finish the youth residential complex “Akademgorodok”, which is on svyatoshinska square, 1. Even 15 years ago, more than 120 families in Kyiv have invested their money in construction, but never received the promised housing. Over the last 10 years, all work was frozen.

Today, with the active assistance of a DePuy corps of city Council to complete the unfinished an investor – state construction Corporation “ukrbud”. At the end of June, the customer has concluded with the local authorities agreements on the restoration of the land lease and also an agreement on the construction of a multifamily residential complex with the company “ukrbud development”, a member of the Corporation.

– We have prevented attempts to take the land to another developer without the obligation of completion of the house and transfer of flats to the victims. Also rejected proposals to return to investors their money at the rate of fifteen years ago. Our position was unchanged – to seek developer who will complete the residential complex, to deceived the people of Kiev received their apartments. In return, the city provides builders the adjacent land plot for the construction of a new residential complex that compensate them for the cost of completion of unfinished – told at a meeting with the defrauded investors, the Secretary of the constant Commission of city Council on budget and socio-economic development George Jasinski. – We have appealed to the developers: both municipal and private. All agreed “ukrbud”, because it already has experience in the completion of unfinished projects abandoned. And now, deceived by scams, people will finally be able to get their apartments.

120 семей, пострадавших от аферы застройщика, получат свои квартиры



To order a new developer was conducted by the state construction expertise, which showed that the technical ability to continue construction there. The plans of the “Ukrbud” is not only the completion of the updated draft before the end of 2018, but also the further development of the neighborhood, landscaping the surrounding area, laying new utilities and engineering communications. The residential complex will have its own transformer substation, sports and children’s playgrounds will be built underground Parking, Parking lot, and also include square.

– To finish other people’s projects is a very complex task with many legal and technical problems. To work on a new project in financial terms is much more profitable. But we’re probably the only one who has this experience. “Ukrbud” added onto the already 4 such a project. As if it did not sound loud, but we took a socially responsible task – to return people’s confidence in the construction industry. And here, also, we see a good example of self-organization of investors, and the positive attitude of deputies and local authorities. This allows us at an early stage to remove some of the problematic issues, – said General Director of the company “ukrbud development” Oleg Mayboroda.

120 семей, пострадавших от аферы застройщика, получат свои квартиры



The construction of youth residential complex “campus” began in 1992. Initially, the project was funded by the state, but it was never completed due to the termination of budget financing. To resume construction was only in 2000 after the house initially was to consist of three sections, was four. However, new developers with their task also failed and could not finish even the first three sections (A, B, C). To finish, they managed only the next developer who joined the project in 2004 and turned them into operation in April 2005.

As for the fourth section (d), its construction started only in 2002. The construction was stopped several times, and basically lasted only through the active actions of people who have invested their money in housing in newly built house. But the work was finally stopped due to lack of funds from the developer. Subsequently, the trial was proven guilty of the General Director of a construction company in abuse of office and misappropriation of investors ‘ funds, after which he was sentenced to eight years of imprisonment with confiscation of property

Today in the unfinished section G fully purchased almost all apartments. Now the building is 18-storey concrete frame, half-filled with walls and partitions.

Note that the “ukrbud” is one of the few Metropolitan builders, which has successful experience of completing unfinished projects. Over the past five years, the Corporation has completed in Kiev for four large-scale project that could not finish the previous developers. These are residential complexes “Forest” and “Park-hall “horkyi” in goloseyevsky area, “Baltic-Park” in Kiev and “Artemis” in the Dnieper. Just today, the Corporation constructed in Kiev, more than 50 houses with a total area more than 700 thousand m2.