15 deletions Mourinho: chronology of the rebellion

15 удалений Моуриньо: хронология непокорности

During his career, the Portuguese coach of Manchester United was removed from the bench and watched the match from the stands as much as 15 times.

In today’s Cup match against West ham Jose Mourinho will appear on the coaching bench, however, by the next match of the Premier League it will be disqualified.

Sunday’s game against those same Hammers turned to the Portuguese is the second removal in the current season, which was also 15th in his coaching career.

On Thursday, Mourinho will give the Football Association an explanation, and then will be determined by his sentence. We also offer you to remember all 15 cases of “bad behavior” Jose, for which the judges sent him to the stands.

10 March 2003. Porto – Lazio (4:1)

Referee: Kyros, Vassaras

Conducting in the account 4:1 in the semi-final of the UEFA Cup, Mourinho was afraid to miss a late own goal, which could be key in the second leg. Because the Portuguese decided to help my team to kill time and stop to throw out the player of Lazio Lucas Castroman pulling that back during the throw.

27 February 2005. Chelsea – Liverpool (3:2)

Referee: Steve Bennett

Mourinho provoke the Liverpool fans. Like finger to his lips in a characteristic gesture, he urged the fans to shut up.

15 удалений Моуриньо: хронология непокорности

25 January 2009. Inter – Sampdoria (1:0)

Referee: Domenico CELI

Jose raised his hands up pretending to cuff them, informing in this way the biased attitude of the judges to his team. For his actions, the Portuguese got a three-match ban.

March 15, 2009. Inter – Fiorentina (2:0)

Referee: Daniele Orsato

Inter were on the way to a decisive victory in the race for the title of Champions of Serie A when Mourinho exploded on the sideline, showing a too violent reaction to a foul against Davide Santon.

20 Sep 2009. Cagliari – Inter Milan (1:2)

Referee: Daniele Orsato

Mourinho suffered from the same Orsato for excessive protests. The Portuguese did not like that the referee gave a yellow card Davide Astori for a foul on Mario Balotelli.

5 Dec 2009. Juventus – Inter (2:1)

Referee: Massimiliano Saccani

Sarcastic applause Mourinho to the referee resulted in his removal. According to Jose, a free kick, which led to the goal his team was not supposed to be assigned.

10 Nov 2010. Real Madrid – Real Murcia (5:1)

Referee: Jose Luis Paredes Romero

Real confidently was in the lead during the match, but Jose still found the time to criticize the judge, using obscenities.

24 APR 2011. Real Madrid – Barcelona (0:2)

Referee: Stark Wolfgang

Mourniho, quarreled with the captain of the opponent Carles Pujolar, after which applauded the acting abilities of Dani Alves, who portrayed the trauma of contact with Pepe, who in fact was not. Jose was sent off after the defender of real Madrid.

15 удалений Моуриньо: хронология непокорности

March 21, 2012. Villarreal – Real Madrid 1:1

Referee: Jose Luis Paredes Romero

In this match the whole team Jose had problems with discipline, and with it the removal earned his assistant Rui Faria and players Sergio Ramos and Mesut Ezil.

May 17, 2013. Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid (2:1)

Referee: Carlos Clos Gomez

Mourinho jumped up from the bench and began to protest against the selection of goals, Mario Suarez, which the Portuguese considered dirty. At the request of the referee to return to the place he refused, and was then removed.

19 Oct 2013. Chelsea – Cardiff City (4:1)

Referee: Anthony Taylor

Mourinho was angered by the delay time from the opponent and shouted about it right in the ear of the fourth referee Trevor Kettle, for which he obtained removal.

March 15, 2014. Aston Villa – Chelsea (1:0)

Referee: Chris Foy

The wit of the Portuguese led to the fact that Mourinho was forced to leave the bench and go into the stands. The reason for this was inappropriate conversation with Poiem.

15 удалений Моуриньо: хронология непокорности

24 October 2015. West Ham – Chelsea (2:1)

Referee: Jonathan Moss

Mourinho was sent to the stands for showing dissent during the break. According to moss, the Portuguese complained, “Oh…of course weak refereeing” in his performance.

26 Oct 2016. Manchester UTD – Burnley (0:0)

Referee: Mark Clattenburg

Another fight in the break this time Clattenburg decided to get rid of Mourinho. The coach was upset that the referee did not a penalty after the fall of Matteo of Amauri in the penalty area of the opponent.

15 удалений Моуриньо: хронология непокорности

28 November 2016. Manchester United – West Ham (1:1)

Referee: Jonathan Moss

The remote for the kick a bottle of water, Mourinho now expects the proceedings with the FA, which will determine the duration of the suspension of the Portuguese.

15 удалений Моуриньо: хронология непокорности



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