17 trends in Internet marketing in 2017 from the Academy WebPromoExperts

17 трендов интернет-маркетинга на 2017 от академии WebPromoExperts

All ready for the New year! WebPromoExperts too!

In honor of the Christmas holidays gives a 50% discount ON ALL courses of the Academy of Internet marketing WebPromoExperts. Make up your mind, the offer is valid until 30 Dec. Moreover, the trend to study and improve skills are remarkably resilient and remain relevant in 2017.

Head of Academy, Internet marketer, teacher and practitioner Anton Voronyuk decided to share his vision of the trends in online marketing that were in effect in 2016 and will only increase in 2017.

Highlight the most important and the main trend that is relevant to any business in all niches. This:

1. The increase in the level of competition in all niches

At high levels of competition to the Savior of the business, a marketer 2017 will have to send their work to adapt to the fall of the important marketing metrics, but to find traffic sources to optimize, to find new sources.

And as there is SEO, not “will die” whether it is once again in the new year? No! Here you briefly:

Trends SEO
2. Polarization
3. Fight with reference
4. Focus on mobile
5. The transition to https

Trends of contextual advertising
6. Aggressive policy to capture the space in the results
7. Working with audiences – remarketing lists on the basis of the Yandex Audience, Google Customer Match
8. The emphasis on measurable media and video ads – associates and deferred conversions in Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics. Brand Lift for YouTube
9. Improving performance of automated strategies
10. The shift of budgets in the media tools

Trends in SMM
11. Live steers
12. Online broadcast on Facebook
13. Instagram sells
14. Working with audiences in the most effective.
15. Invasion of the messengers
16. Social Fishing and the fight against it
17. Push notifications – separate trend for the desktop and mobile. Moved from 2016 to 2017.
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