18-20 April in Mystetskyi Arsenal will host the Project Wiluica MSU. Sasimi in the future

18-20 апреля в Мистецьком Арсенале пройдет Проект Втілюючи місію. Зазирни в майбутнє

Doski project “Wiluica MSU. Sasimi in the future” is a platform for creative dialogue between representatives of business, art and innovators. Dialogue that will allow us to look beyond the horizon of tomorrow.

This desire to find a multi-faceted and comprehensive answer to the question: what is the future that is already coming now?

The project aims to disseminate information about socially responsible business, based on the recognition of the social mission and values. Because only they can be the basis for successful development in the future.

The research project consists of three elements.

Discussion platform: for three days will feature presentations and a discussion about vision of the future in the dimension: the art of business innovation. Participants will be: Anatoliy Amelin, co-Founder and Director of economic programs of the analytical center “Ukrainian Institute for the future”; Lydia Resin, doctor of political Sciences, Professor, psychologist; Sergey gaydaychuk – President of CEO Club Ukraine; Igor Stepanov, the founder of the company Sicore, the Agency Stepanov, the ideologist of the project “Wiluica MSU. Sasimi in the future”; Igor Gut is a leading Ukrainian expert on business modeling and strategic marketing. Partner of the Swedish DYB project | Develop Your Business, candidate of economic Sciences; Natalia Zhevago – the ideologist and the founder of the “Cultural project”, member of The Aspen Institute; Iryna Solovey, co – founder of social innovations platform “Big Idea” and others.

Innovative platform: platform innovators, where visitors will be able to see firsthand the latest technologies that only start to become an important part of our lives.

Creative platform: exhibition of sculptures and installations that reflect the mission of leading Ukrainian companies. The basis of each work based on research into the structure and characteristics of companies-participants of the project. The art object becomes the spokesman and the embodiment of the essence of the company.

The event will feature 9 of the works of famous Ukrainian artists and sculptors: Miroslaw Wajda, Nikita Zigura, Anton Den, Taras Panteleiciuc, Lisa Portnov Artem Prysiazhniuk and Yevgeny Chernyshev / Syn Art Group.

In addition, will feature VR-version installations of Sergei Petlyuk and Anton’s Lair with the first project “Wiluica MSU. Art I Biznes”.

Project participants: Agromat, Arena CS CEO Club Ukraine, Kiddisvit, Mira, Shen, handicap
Figaro (VR), Sicore (VR)

Innovators: the SMART, Nuts Nuts, DJI, Bila Muraha, FOXTROT.

Partners: Henesi House, Zinteco, Multiplex, Figaro, Koblevo, Econia, Futufu, Morengo, Cup, ArtHuss

The event was supported by: DYB, CEO Club Ukraine, FBN, SOUP, Ukrainian Retail Association, Ukrainian Institute for The Future, SingularityU Kyiv, Young Business Club, Cultural Project, Giving Joy, Mafia

Media partners: Sky Art Foundation, the FIRST BUSINESS TV channel, Europe, Obozrevatel, Liga.net, UFEST, Arts Looker, Correspondent, Business Capital, ArchIdea, CHERNOZEM, Community Business Magazine, a Reactor, The OWNER’S, FAQinDecor, Reactor, Kiev Fashion Park .

The organizer – Agency Stepanov