2018 world Cup: France – Belgium 1:0. Online

ЧМ-2018: Франция – Бельгия 1:0. Онлайн

On Tuesday, July 10, will be the first semifinal match of the world Cup 18 between France and Belgium. Online stream on Корреспондент.net.

France and Belgium will meet in St. Petersburg on Tuesday, July 10. The 1/2 final match of the world Cup will start at 21:00 Kyiv time.

More chances to win according to the version of bookmaker company Favorit Sport in France. The victory of the French bets are accepted with a factor of 2.46, the victory of Belgium, of 3.05 for a draw in normal time of 3.35.

France – Belgium: online broadcast of the match of 1/2 final of the world Cup in 2018 Корреспондент.net


France in the final!


90+5 Pogba did everything in order to Tolisso scored, but Courtois was against it.

90+4 the French win all the high balls that fly in their box.

90+2 France still and attack idea! Griezmann gets his shot on target, Courtois in place.

90+1 Mbappe yellow for delay time.

90. Pogba earned a free kick in the opposition half – now the French are taking their time.

88. Lukaku can’t break after two innings.

87. Kant concedes in Azare – yellow him. Will be a dangerous free kick, the ball De Bruyne.

85. Matuidi broke, instead Tolisso.

84. Nzonzi out instead Fat. The nose change nose, Fat the last minute that is played there.

81. Again hazard is bigras, his ball kicks right on Vitale – kick and Lloris beats.

80. Hazard showed some dribbling and received a hard foul from Giroud! But the referee no violation uwidel.

76. De Bruyne decided to strike from outside the box into the stands.

74. De Bruyne is very low to sit behind the ball. Tight all in defense of France.

70. France defend as a team, Belgium never ceases to deliver the ball into the penalty area.

67. You have a counter? My name is Olivier Giroud, I’ll come and fuck up her. It is trite even keep up with the speed Griezmann and Mbappe.

65. Another transmission Mertens – Fellaini won the air, but did not hit the gate.

64. Lloris fists makes the flow of Mertens.

63. Hazard tore off the attack after a failed corner is a yellow card.

62. Well, Belgium needs to draw in, France sits very low.

61. Was held in attack of the Belgians, and Mertens was involved, but De Bruyne in the final phase could not penetrate as it should.

60. Change has Dembele – Mertens instead.

57. COURTOIS! Mbappe heel brings Fat into a striking position, the striker thrashes at close range – Courtois pulls. But imagine if France instead of Fat normal forward played.

56. Belgium starts to go forward a large force, France is just and necessary. With Mbappe in the composition of the French just go to the counter.

54. Dembele worst while in the part of the Belgians – again fouls near his own penalty. Now Matuidi.

53. As in the match against Uruguay scored after a corner frntsuzami efforts of Central defender.


51. Fat well turned in the penalty area, but Kompany blocked his shot.

48. Lukaku is ahead of Varane and the ball goalwards from inside the penalty area! Over the crossbar.

46. No substitutions yet.


Equal game.


45+1 , Umtiti made a mistake and was handed on Lukaku, but the striker this alignment is not expected.

45. The second half of the half for the French. Took the ball and they the advantage.

44. The wall pounding 11 number of France. Ruined the moment.

43. Dembele brings down Pogba. Dangerous free kick for Griezmann.

39. MOMENT! Mbappe gives on Pawar, he goes one on one and beats Courtois saves with their feet!

38. Powiedzenie have Fat – chance for France?

36. Griezmann at the break passed the whole field and he just shot it wide.

34. What this Fat still need to score? Griezmann and Mbappe played Kilian wheeled Grease along the gate, and he even was unable to really penetrate.

33. A Griezmann shot from outside the box missed the target.

31. Giroud goes close with a header after filing Pavara – wide. Giroux has not scored a single goal in the world Cup, although he has played in every match. And Benzema and Lacazette watching football on TV.

30. Vertonghen stops Mbappe the rules. Will be standard in France.

27. Dangerous cross from De Bruyne caught Umtiti.

25. France is pragmatic and Belgium with the soul.

23. Belgium is much more active. Fellaini attacks the leaves in place tsentrforvarda and Lukaku shlyalsya right.

22. MOMENT!!! SAVE THE LORIS! Toby from the corner and smashes into the far corner and Lloris nice jump got.

Dangerous corner from Belgium.

20. HAZARD! Eluded Pawar and hit under the crossbar! Lizard head was hit a deadly ball to the corner!

19. Matuidi shot from 20 metres out from under the defenders on the left! Straight into the arms of Courtois.

15. And it is dangerous! De Bruyne gives on hazard, who has far – almost hit me!

13. Pogba a good pass on the course Mbappe, Kilian at great speed on the breakaway, but Courtois had managed to ball.

10. De Bruyne gave a good pass into the path of Hazard. Of Eden ahead of Varane.

7. Based in Belgium – 10 players, who played in last season’s Premier League. And Witzel from China.

5. Such muscle-flexing from us. Both teams are in order, looking for the approaches to the gate.

3. The ball from France, Belgium are waiting for opportunities to counterattack.

1. Mbappe once very active, goes to the opponent.


The strongest compositions of the teams, all ready to start.

Match worthy of a final! Super – game!


France – Lloris, Varane, Lucas Hernandez, Pavard, Umtiti, Kant, Pogba, Matuidi, Griezmann, Giroud, Mbappe.

Belgium – Courtois, Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Kompany, Chadli, Witzel, de Bruyne, Fellaini, Dembele, hazard, Lukaku.

The French passed the group stage with two victories over Australia and Peru and a draw with Denmark. In the first match of play-offs of France met with the Argentine national team and won with the score 4:3. The quarterfinal match against Uruguay, the French are all a whitewash – 2:0.

Belgium successfully completed all 5 matches of this season’s world Championship. In the group the national team defeated Panama with 3:0 Tunisia – 5:2 and England – 1:0. In the 1/8 finals Belgium was Japan – 3:2. In the quarterfinal match, the Belgians were stronger Brazil – 2:1.

France – the 1998 world Champions, the second place they ached at the world Cup in 2006, two third in 1958 and 1986, and in 1982, France became the fourth. Belgium only once in their history reached the semi-finals, took fourth place at the world Cup in 1986.

The teams of France and Belgium last met in a friendly match in 2015, then defeated Belgium – 4:3.



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