2018 world Cup: Mexico – Sweden 0:3. Online

ЧМ-2018: Мексика - Швеция 0:3. Онлайн

At the world Cup on Wednesday, June 27, teams will play Mexico and Sweden. Online stream on Корреспондент.net.

In the third round in group F will meet Mexico and Sweden. The match will take place at “Ekaterinburg Arena”, beginning at 17:00 Kyiv time on Wednesday, June 27.

The favorite of the match according to bookmakers of the company Favorit sport is the national team of Mexico. Rates on its victory are accepted with factor of 2.39. To win Sweden and 3.2 for a draw is 3.35 in.

Mexico – Sweden online stream of world Cup soccer Корреспондент.net


See you at 21:00 on the next world Cup!

The Swedes crushed the Mexicans and go to the playoffs! Mexico, the defeat of Germany follows them! The Germans, Champions of the world – put their powers and go home!!!

The Germans even 2:0 progravshih!


90+1 Podium cheer, happy for the Koreans, the current match is not interesting.

90. Meanwhile, the Koreans scored the Germans!!! Looks like this is it! The Mexicans and the Swedes will be in the playoffs together!

88. Yellow card for Lustig and Layne, meanwhile.

87. All of Mexico now looks to the phone and believes in Korea.

85. Mexico is moving forward, but no chances yet.

81. Kick-cross from Chicharito missed the goal, and from the head of Vela – crazy spread far post.

79. In our game everything is clear, and the Swedes, and Mexicans are now more worried about Korea.

76. Mexico by inertia continues to attack.

75. Miracles, and only. Sweden trashes Mexico, Germany can not score Korea.


70. Chicharito beat after drawing standard – not even in the shot.

69. Mexico literally pushes the Swedes into the penalty area, pressure serious.

65. Fabian Gallardo is out, now to go score the Mexicans.

64. Right now Germany misses the playoffs! Wow!

62. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! SO SWEDEN!!! The captain of the Swedes Granqvist scored from the penalty spot — 2:0 in favor of the Swedes.

60. PENALTY!!! Moreno inside the penalty area hit a Berg! Yellow for Moreno!

56. Forced substitution of the Europeans: the injured Larsson replaced Svensson in midfield.

50. COOOOOOOOLLLL!!!! THE SWEDES SCORE!!! Cut Klasson arrives at the feet of Augustinson and, through the hands of Ochoa – in the grid. 0:1.

48. The Swedes have to push, and the angle idkt to serve the Mexicans.


In the second half the Swedes need to take more risks, especially since the Koreans for them starautsya in a parallel match, constraining Germany.


42. 64/36 possession to flattered Mexico, but the Swedes don’t get hung up on this.

38. Zero draws in both matches, bringing in the playoffs Mexico and Germany.

33. The Swedes are much sharper, more than Mexico’s holding the ball.

30. SUPER OCHOA! Supernatural savestate after hitting the Berg with a 3-meters.

29. NO PENALTY! The judge so decided, and the replay didn’t help. Will the corner.

28. Hand in his own penalty area was played by the Mexicans, and the referee went to watch the replay.

26. Larsson played roughly in the center of the field against Lozano and got yellow card.

18. Answer Of Sweden! Forsberg closed the chamber in the style of Rojo, but Rojo he is not on target and not hit.

16. Time from Mexico, steals, fast attack and Velu brought a blow – neocutis into the far corner!

12. Another point the Swedes after the standard. Granqvist made the offer, and Berg tried to zakovyryat the ball into the goal kick near the bar.

10. Meksiki of the attacks so far only long shots.

5. Direct strike on goal! Ochoa saves, to finish off the Mexicans were not given.

4. Ochoa was wrong out of the blue! Took the ball behind the foul line! Will be a free kick for the Swedes.

2. Dangerous moment! Discount after filing with a penalty kick gave the ball to the Mexicans.

1. Immediately sued earned a dangerous free-kick.


The match of his life to Sweden, they must win or play a draw and expect that Germany will not benefit from South Korea. Interestingly, in certain hands, to fly maybe even Mexico. So that should be interesting.


Mexico – Ochoa, Moreno, Andrés, Alvarez, Layun, Herrera, Gallardo, Vela, Guardado, Lozano, Hernandez.

Sweden – Olsen, LindelEf, Augustinsson, Lustig, Granqvist, Klasson, Larsson, Ekdahl, Forsberg, Berg, Toivonen.

Mexico is the leader of the group with two wins in two played matches. Started in Mexico with the victory over Germany – 0:1. In the second match the team played against South Korea and won 1:2.

Sweden took third place in the top four. In the first match, the Swedes defeated South Korea – 0:1, and the second meeting against Germany Sweden lost – 2:1.

Nine games held by teams of Mexico and Sweden before the meeting. Four times the victory went to the Swedes, twice won the national team of Mexico, twice the draw.



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