2018 world Cup: Senegal – Colombia 0:1. Online

ЧМ-2018: Сенегал - Колумбия 0:1. Онлайн

In the third round of the group stage of the world Championship will play Senegal and Colombia. Online stream on Корреспондент.net.

The teams of Senegal and Colombia will meet on “Samara Arena” on Thursday, June 28. Kickoff is scheduled for 17:00 Kyiv time.

According to the bookies the Favorite of the favorite Sports of the match – Colombia. On its winning bets are accepted with a factor of 1.8. The victory of Senegal – 5, draw – 3,65.

Senegal – Colombia: online stream world Cup match on Корреспондент.net


Colombia in the 1/8, and Senegal out. Moreover, the Africans are inferior to Japan a spot in the playoffs by the rules feer play. They have more yellow cards and they go home. Hard.


90. Without highlights Senegal, and Colombia easily kills time.

85. Sako appeared on the field instead of Niang in the national team of Senegal. To save the Fatherland!

83. Senegal added that Colombia is clinging to the gate.

77. MOMENT! Niang burst into the penalty area on the right, immediately firing a shot – Ospina helps!

75. At the moment I Senegal. And now they need to score!

73. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! COLOMBIA!!!! Mina takes off after the corner and head exactly the effort on goal! For the second goal the defender on the championship! 0:1!

70. San almost deflected the ball into his own net after a cross from the right flank. N’diaye managed to react and take it in hand.

68. Colombians continue to boost the event. Although he could already.

65. Muriel waited for the rebound near the penalty area and took a dangerous shot into the corner, rebound from Coulibaly helped the Senegalese not to miss.

63. The Senegalese earned a dangerous free-kick. But Manet slipped right before implementing the standard and in the end, the punch absolutely did not happen.

59. Colombia does not, Poland will help. The poles opened the scoring in the game with Japan. And if it was going to end the Colombians even with a draw will advance to the next round.

56. Was able to run in isolation from Falcao, the Senegalese are not allowed.

51. The yellow card earned Mbaye Niang for a foul on arias. Yellow cards 1:1. On the display zeros.

48. Colombia has finally begun actively, a large force to go forward.



45. Mochiko fouls on a yellow card. Free-kick to Senegal came to nothing.

42. Senegal much uverenna spends the first half. Colombia no points, but needs to win the Hispanic.

38. Here we have about the same question.

Colombia in Kurs scho I potrebna Peremoga?)

— Viktor Vatsko (@ViktorVatsko) 28 Jun 2018

36. Active Manet. Forced to foul by Carlos Sanchez. Manet himself and gets a free kick – much past the gate.

30. The James injury? Or is it a tactical substitution. In any case, Colombia is losing one of its leaders. The change in the first half. James leaves the field, Muriel stead.

In the game with Poland James was the best part of Colombia. Two assists made.

27. Manet is very good, outplayed the opponent, but in the penalty area was stopped, Keith – first on the rebound, Curling shot, but it’s too easy for Ospina.

23. Colombia earned a penalty and Falcao goes close with a header after filing – unsuccessfully.

21. In the attack from Colombia a little while it turns out, Falcao cut, James nothing came up.

20. BUT NO! WILL NOT BE A PENALTY! Arar watched the replay and decided that Sanchez first played ball. The 11-meter will not! Love the VAR system, and you?

19. From the PENALTY spot. A quick counter attack Senegalese mane pulled out one by one, and Sanchez knocks him in the penalty area.

13. Moment. Quintero from a standard shot into the far corner of the bottom, with a rebound from a lawn – Ndiaye did it!

11. Cut down Falcao – will be a dangerous free kick.

9. Senegal in the first minutes of the game much more active.

4. Colombia tries to pick up the ball.

3. Mane struck the first shot on goal. Senegal goal from the first minute of the match.


Colombians are very enthusiastically singing the national anthem, and their cheerleaders, as usual, beautiful.

Senegal – 4 points, Colombia – 3. The Colombians to qualify for the next round we need to win, not to hope that Poland beat Japan. Senegalese enough.


Senegal – Ndiaye, Sanaa, Sabaly, Gassama, Coulibaly, Sarre, Kouyate, Mané, Gueye, Keith, Niang.

Colombia – Ospina, Mina, Mojica, Arias, Sanchez, Sanchez, Uribe, Quintero, Cuadrado, James, Falcao.

Teams perform at the world Cup-18 in group H. Senegal is in the Quartet the second place, behind Japan. The team started with a victory over Poland – 2:1. The second match Senegal played in a draw with Japan – 2:2.

Colombia is ranked third in the group with one win and one defeat. The team started poorly, losing to Japan – 1:2. In the second match, the Colombians dry defeated the national team of Poland – 3:0.

Senegal and Colombia have previously met only once. In 2014 within the framework of a friendly match teams played a draw – 2:2.



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