2019 may be the hottest – scientists

2019 год может оказаться самым жарким - ученые

2019 may be the most hot

On the Earth’s climate globally can be affected by the phenomenon El niño, which becomes more severe due to global warming.

Scientists warn that 2019 could be the most hot in the history of mankind. It is reported by National Geographic.

Global warming impact on atmospheric and climatic events which in turn affect the entire planet. One such phenomenon scientists call El niño. Because of it the coming year may be the hottest in the history of recorded weather observations.

El niño occurs when sharp fluctuations of temperature of the upper layers of water in the Equatorial Pacific ocean. This phenomenon can slow or completely block the trade winds and the upwelling of deep ocean waters to the surface. This, in turn, large-scale impact on the climate of the entire planet.

It occurs every 2-7 years, can last for about 6 months and affected almost the entire planet.

An 80% chance of El niño has already begun and will last at least until the end of February 2019, according to the Center for climate prediction of the National office of research ocean and atmospheric administration reported that with a probability of 80 percent the El niño phenomenon has already begun. It can last up to six months and make average temperatures on Earth even higher.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine is among the countries that are warming the planet. Ukrainian approach to the environment contributes to the rise in the average temperature on the planet. The Correspondent also wrote that people have 12 years to stop the melting of the poles.

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