250 thousand UAH to those who can prove that M. S. L. belongs to the Alfa group

250 тыс. грн тому, кто докажет, что М.С.Л. принадлежит Альфа-групп

President M. S. L. George Lozhenko announces reward 250 000 UAH for evidence of the affiliation of the company to Alfa group.

The President of the operator of state lotteries “M. S. L.” George Lozhenko announces reward of 250 000 hryvnias to the one who will provide evidence of the affiliation of the “Alfa group”

A message he posted on his page in social network Facebook.

“Friends, welcome. Now the situation has gone beyond adequacy. Thugs with axes, tanks, smoke grenades and destroy property, confront police, pose a threat to ordinary citizens… I’m tired to prove that white is white and black – black. In recent weeks, which only lies have not heard of “M. S. L.”. Well, indeed, as women Bazaar: something to shout, lie, destroy. Where are the facts? Where is the evidence? I’m a simple man, respect the truth. And now I propose: let’s punish the universal evil, if it really exists. Today, therefore, I, George Lozhenko, announce a reward in the amount of 250 000 UAH to anyone who can provide evidence that: – “M. S. L.” refers to “the alpha-groups”; – “M. S. L.” brings the capital in the Russian Federation or offshore; – “M. S. L.” Finance terrorism; – “M. S. L.” is not entitled to exercise activity in Ukraine”, – wrote the President of the company Lozhenko.

However, he urged to send evidence of the alleged involvement of the operator of state lotteries “M. S. L.” to the Russian business immediately on the official address of the security Service of Ukraine.

“All the evidence point to the SBU with a copy to the address [email protected] so we know whom to pay the prize. But if someone will continue to spread this lie unnecessarily, he will be sued for libel. Therefore, help of the presidential Administration prove that the “M. S. L.” is a Russian company. Glory To Ukraine!”, – added Lozhenko.

Also in “M. S. L.” commented on the attack on the outlets of the lottery operator, which occurred on the night of November 21 in the area of the metro station “Nivki” in Kiev. In particular, called the event a real iniquity.

“The situation around the Ukrainian lottery market not only did not subside, but is gaining alarming for Ukrainians momentum. This is not a simple attack on the business purpose of the redistribution of the market, and a real mess with an open confrontation with the police. I hope that in the near future the relevant power structures to adequately respond to the situation,” – said in a statement on the official website of the lottery operator.

It also notes that during the attack, suffered a few areas. In one of the retail outlets of the operator of state lotteries “M. S. L.”, which at the time of the incident was closed, broke the blinds, broke the window and threw a smoke bomb. This point is on the market, resulting in a risk of fire, however, it failed to prevent, because the guard area of the market called the police.