5 facts that will help you buy wisely abroad

5 фактов, которые помогут покупать с умом за рубежом

Congratulations online Saperov with a victory in the struggle for reasonable prices. Attempt to reduce the non-taxable minimum parcels from abroad to 150 euros to 22 not enrolled, but left with a feeling that it will happen again.

Therefore, I advise you to dispose of victory without delay. The difference between 22 and 150 euros seems small but it “fits” a lot of good things – from clothes to electronics. Christmas holidays – it’s time to pack up and skim the cream from the Western stores together with the service myMeest.

5 фактов, которые помогут покупать с умом за рубежом



1. It is reliable.

myMeest service of delivery of goods from Europe, USA and China, which guarantees the reliability of their services.This service is included in international mail and logistics group that Meest Group, represented in Ukraine by a postal transport MeestExpress. The goal of the service is to deliver goods from stores that do not forward purchases in Ukraine or do it at the right price. myMeest collects purchases in foreign offices MeestGroup and sends it to the convenient branch MeestExpress or directly on the buyer’s address by courier (for courier services don’t need to pay extra).

2. It is clear.

Most of the foreign shops it is difficult for us to buy in two clicks due to the limitation of delivery to Ukraine. You can buy, but in another way: you must have a “counterpart” in the country of delivery, who will receive the goods and forward it to you. The role of such “colleagues” took myMeest. Service easy to use thanks to detailed video instructions on its website.

3. This is a large and well-established delivery network.

MeestExpress operator of mail transportation with the largest in Ukraine fleet and developed network of branches. He can deliver the package to your nearest courier office or at home, while the parcel can be tracked by track number.

4. It is convenient.

For ease of shopping or, if the store does not accept our card, myMeest created Shop Service. You can just give a link to myMeest for goods and services will be engaged in buying it. In this case your card does not “light up” in the store, because the money for the goods you list myMeest. The service pays a fee monetary systems instead of the buyer. Shop Service working with Germany, Italy, Portugal, England, Spain, France and plans to play in Turkey in 2017.

5. It is with the mind.

myMeest has compiled an extensive catalog of foreign shops.
Experienced shoppers, but especially for beginners, very useful section of the site myMeest best foreign stores. It is constantly updated with information about current discounts.

5 фактов, которые помогут покупать с умом за рубежом



myMeest is constantly improved, taking into account the needs of users. The service aims to make purchases in foreign online stores the most profitable and simple. And, importantly, not least, the operational, so you can be ready for any occasion and other occasions to give gifts.