78-year-old former Rugby player deftly dealt with the robbers

78-летний бывший регбист ловко расправился с грабителями

John Ransone

Ex-England Rugby player John ransone coped with the armed robbers with the help of tea…

The incident occurred in the house of the former athlete in Malta.

Three masked men broke into his garage that has not remained without attention Ranson. As one of them was armed with a gun, John immediately splashed him in the face with hot tea. After that, not for years healthy man tumbled down the criminal on the floor, while shouting different names, as if in the house there are still people who will come running to help.

Frightened by such actions Ranson robbers immediately took to their heels.

“I immediately splashed my tea on the man with the revolver. Then I knocked him to the ground and hit the garage door, before you rush for the rest,” commented John.

According to 78-year-old former Rugby player, he still remained excellent reflexes, and his legs still very fast. These qualities helped Ransone will cope with up to three robbers.

John played for England at Rugby between 1963 and 1964.

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