A big rematch? Political intrigue in the country

Большой реванш? Политические интриги в стране

Sytnik and Holodnitsky not very happy to see each other

Conspicuous failures from the creation of the anti-corruption court and the abolition of the e-Declaration for fighters. Thoroughly provoked a quarrel between two of the three anti-corruption bodies and ostentatious incompetence of a third.

Somehow it all looks like fun to the revenge of political forces. Firm Executives, no?

While around of Ukraine is experiencing not the most pleasant event (the sharp deterioration in Syria, the emergence of new military forces of the Russian Federation near the Ukrainian border, gas evrokomplekt, global trade war), in Kiev took to compete — who safer to drown the ideas of the revolution of dignity, says Valery Litvinski in No. 7 of the Journal Correspondent. Already have intermediate results.

Hard provocation

According to the Prosecutor, during the revolution of dignity in Ukraine has affected some 2,500 people, 104 of them were killed, including 13 confirmed dead law enforcement officers. Every anniversary of the revolution the prosecutors represent beautiful figures, reporting on the hundreds awarded to suspicion and handed down indictments. But the reality is that for crimes against Euromaidan currently serving a sentence as much as one person. The perpetrators of mass shootings in four years is not named.

And in this situation, the society dropped the real information bomb — detained the activist of the Maidan on suspicion of intentional homicide of police officers, he faces nearly life imprisonment. That’s where it began.

Lviv Ivan Bell at Euromaidan was from the very beginning of the protests. After the revolution, a volunteer went to the Donbass, fought in the battalion Dnipro-1. Awarded the order For courage of the III degree, the order For the defence of the country and awarded public award of national Hero of Ukraine. On the second anniversary of the revolution Bell admitted in an interview that the February 20, 2014, in the midst of the confrontation on the Maidan, killed two police officers. Subsequently, he repeatedly reiterated this information, confirmed it and in communication with investigators. “To create the effect of word of mouth, we had to kill two, three, five commanders. I decided only two… Why to kill? Because the commander is unable to speak, unable to give orders in any way. And already the rest does not have to kill, I only had to shoot at my feet as I did when it came to trade unions (the trade unions Building on independence square),” — said Bell in 2016.


Большой реванш? Политические интриги в стране

Ivan Bell

The Prosecutor’s office could not pass public confessions. But first, investigators said that in confessions of an activist there are many contradictions that they do not correspond to the actual circumstances. However, the Bell still searched, and he was summoned for questioning as a witness. From April 2018 it from the witness, turned in the suspect, and then arrested while trying to cross Ukrainian-Polish border.

According to investigators, Bell killed two security forces and wounded another with a hunting rifle saiga. Shot from the front of the Conservatory on the Maidan. Here are just victims of the activist allegedly no commanders and warrant officer of the Internal troops of Zaporozhye Sergei Spichak and senior Sergeant of the regiment of special police Berkut from Chernigov Vladimir Zubok.

At the time, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the so-called Amnesty law, which exempts participants of revolution of dignity from responsibility for offences during the protests: according to him, even if a person is found guilty, exempt from punishment. He hoped for the protection of the law and Jingles. However, he was charged with the article “premeditated murder”, which does not fall under the Amnesty law.

From arrest the Bell saved by the wave of public indignation. The deputies volunteered to take the activist on bail. The case against Bell was called a case against the whole Euromaidan, and one of the signs of the revenge of the ex-regionals.

Supporters of Bell have insisted that his actions were a necessary defense in response to attack security forces, and therefore to judge it is impossible. He Jingles his guilt is not admitted, on the grounds that “protecting people, destroying the enemies”.

In the end, interfered with the attorney-General Yuriy Lutsenko and took the unprecedented step — change the composition of the working group on business and demanded to review the qualifications of the actions of Bell. Prosecutors of the Department of special investigations of the General Prosecutor, the same one that has all the Affairs of the Maidan, from the case the Bell is suspended. Lutsenko sent his Deputy Angelo Strezhevskoy represent the public prosecution in the case of the activist. Strizhevskaya recalled suspicion, handed the Bell, calling it unfounded and presented the new, which differ only by the fact that the article about the murder it removed.

This means that the activist of the Maidan could claim exemption from liability under the Amnesty law. Hold the Bell in the Prosecutor’s office is also abruptly changed their minds.

Although the head of the Department of special investigation GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk called the actions of Lutsenko to be illegal, the society has calmed down — another “zradu” stopped as well.

The devil as usual is in the details. According to one of the lawyers of families of Heaven hundred Vitaly Tytych, the initial suspicion of the Bell it was that the activist was shot allegedly “acting in collusion with other persons for the purpose of violating a temporary ceasefire on the Maidan.”

But it is serious. And creates far-reaching consequences not only for the Bell. First, from this plot the case that on 20 February 2014 on the Maidan was some sort of “truce”, but then why people were killed on 18-20 February to shots of the Bell. A second, similar version of the events of the revolution of dignity repeats the concept, which is represented by defence counsel of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych in a court case about his treason. Ideally placed this question in a favorite story on the Russian “coup” and “the violent seizure of power.”

In this regard, the questions arise: who and why needed to enter into the legal turnover of the idea of the “truce” and now her appearance will affect the proceedings of Yanukovych?

Judge Bell in an election year is to dig ourselves a hole, create an anti-rating of their own voters. Therefore, most likely, a decision will be made to reduce the degree of public discontent, to postpone the case and soon forget about it. But this path is not better. This will be the final recognition of the supremacy of political expediency over the law and the triumph of Facebook-of justice in the country.

Hand pockets, or Sweet revenge

To fight with the anti-corruption movement is in power and the time and inspiration. On the one hand, all that is happening now around anti-corruption activists, very similar to the well-prepared revenge, on the other — on the cold political calculation. Representatives of public organizations that are engaged in the fight against corruption, still forced to submit electronic declarations.

This rule, a year ago embedded in the law, almost 12 months, has promised to repeal, even the President made several statements about the need to remove it as erroneous. But “not developed”. And after April 1, the policy can use the contents of the e-returns filed by activists, is to discredit fighters. Left, however, the question is: well it so happened that the declarations were defamatory information. Fortunately, the reasons for defamatory publications, there were very few applicants.

To the West of the Ukrainian idea of electronic declarations for activists in General in light shock. It is contrary to all recommendations of foreign partners, ambassadors are tired to encourage this rule to be canceled. Went to move even the heavy artillery — the European Commission threatened to deprive Ukraine bizwise. But that deputies did not work, the controversial rule so far not canceled.

No, parading beautiful parliamentarians fought for the title of the great defender yet. They filed several bills with the abolition of the e-Declaration, but in the end failed every vote. Because there was the necessary quantity of votes. But the picture for the West is that big, uncompromising and ruthless Ukrainian democracy.

While the deputies in this democracy was played, the activists declared their incomes. Nothing particularly extraordinary there, of course, we have not seen. The Deputy’s cars, houses, collections, hours and tons of cash — not close. There are only relatively high salaries at $2-3 thousand per month. But they, let me remind you again, pay we do, and foreign donors.

However, the hype around e-Declaration of fighters almost completely diverted attention from new declarations of officials and politicians. And another lesson from history: the Ukrainian politicians made a claim of “sovereign democracy”. Almost the same as in Russia.

Aquarium Band

For anti-corruption activists in Ukraine came dashing at all times. While activists are trying to rein in declarations created for fight against corruption public authorities fighting each other, carefully triggered from outside. Customers of SAP and NAB for this harrowing picture of the watch and rather rubbing their hands. Well, that, while yet busy fighting among themselves — policy security.

The scandal reached its climax at the hearings in the Parliament on the results of wiretaps, which the office of the head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (COAG) established the National anti-corruption Bureau (EMB) with the support of the Prosecutor General. The tracker installed in the aquarium near the desktop of the head of SAP nazara Golodnitsky and the aroused shaft jokes and Internet memes.

In Parliament the Holodnitsky and Artem Sytnik MPs staged a filibuster. And in a similar situation to speak out backhand? The claims of the parliamentarians was the same: inefficient, results of fight against corruption, but big salaries are paid. Nothing like? Sytnik such talk is clearly sickened, he just shrugged saying that there is no conflict with the head of the SAP had not, the anti-corruption prosecutors continue to work: “Nothing personal, just business.” The holodnitsky in Parliament met better, he tore the applause (see photo on page 10), but the charges against himself specifically did not comment. But famously quipped Oleg Lyashko regarding lottery winnings and purchases of real estate. Given, whose client now is the head of the RPL, the speech of the Holodnitsky very revealing.

So the masterminds of the operation “divide + conquer” all you can congratulate with the victory: NABU and SAP are two interrelated structures, and without their collaboration will be no effect. The NAB is conducting an investigation on corruption cases, the ARS performs procedural maintenance, and represents the public prosecution. Earlier, the leaders of SAP and NAB often appeared on the same side of the barricades, defending against government attempts to destroy their independence. But now went brother against brother.

As explained by the head of the NAB, the Bureau suspected that the investigation of high-profile cases deliberately discouraged the leadership of SAP, so I decided to install the wiretap in the office of Holodnitsky — with the support of the attorney General, which hardly liked the excessive and demonstrative independence of Holodnitsky.

Listened to the Holodnitsky a month, and, according to NAB, all their fears were confirmed (who would doubt!). The holodnitsky accused that he disclose the secrecy of investigation to the suspect, warned them about the searches, intervened in the work of prosecutors, pushed them, encouraged witnesses to give false testimony. And in “the films of Holodnitsky” are really resonant of history: the case of the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov and the case of the bribing of the acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun.

But what is interesting: after a month of wiretapping of Holodnitsky not in a hurry to prosecute, which in itself is strange. After all, to obtain permission to install a wiretap, you need a really good reason. And so it turns out that while the head of SAP only threatens disciplinary action. Lutsenko addressed to the Qualification and disciplinary Commission of public prosecutors with a request to consider the dismissal of Holodnitsky. And this is an interesting signal: does he that suspicion the boss of SAP to deliver? What do you want?

And while Holodnitsky said that at the time a disciplinary case is ready for dismissal.

Whatever it was, and after the disclosed information Holodnitsky — toxic and is in limbo. But Sytnik also lost a big chunk of their hardware weight in connection with the scandal. Especially helping to get rid of Golodnitsky, Sytnik gets more dependent on Lutsenko. The head of the NAB believes that in case of resignation of a Golodnitsky and to conduct a new competition for head of SAP it could be one of the current deputies Golodnitsky, and the Prosecutor General will have only ceremonial functions. While surrounded by Lutsenko assured that its influence will increase, and it is in fact itself will serve as the head of SAP.

What is the main patron fighters. There are still waiting. To support the Holodnitsky not rushed no one, and this is perhaps the most eloquent signal. In the West believe that the case of Holodnitsky gives the possibility of anti-corruption system self cleaned. However, I see there is and a serious threat. Politicians, whose interests at different times been under investigation SAP-NABOO, using their conflict to discredit the whole anti-corruption reform in the state. “The case of Holodnitsky trying to pass off as proof of the futility of the efforts regarding the development of anti-corruption infrastructure in General and the creation of an anti-corruption court in particular,” — said in a statement anti-corruption organization Transparency International Ukraine.

And really, not to notice such a wave is impossible. Activists — “grant” with “huge salaries”, anti — corruption bodies do not do anything, only arrange disassembly and also with “huge salaries”. In addition, as the independent anti-corruption court create? Not ready yet for this country. This is the rhetoric of many Ukrainian politicians. And the West is not terrible. Welcome to the funeral of the fight against corruption in Ukraine, which especially do not have time to begin. And to the triumph of “sovereign democracy” in the Moscow style.

But, no! 10 APR NACP, which has changed the head at the end of March, took the remaining almost unnoticed in the decision: “National Agency on corruption prevention (NACP) decided to undertake a full verification of declarations 60 Ukrainian top officials, including the President of Ukraine, Prime Minister, speaker of Parliament, several members of the Cabinet of Ministers”. Wait for the results?

Not forgetting the election

The taming of fighters is including a part of the election strategy. The resonance of the investigation in the midst of the election campaign is useless. With other sectors for the preparation to the elections is not so smooth.

The main thing — negotiations on a single candidate from the government, a single party government or political reform is stuck. One of the leaders of the popular front, the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov in early April and said, “I shudder when I hear about a single candidate. I think that Poroshenko may be one of the real presidential candidates — along with others. And let each citizen chooses whom he considers worthy.”

In this situation, the President is critical to enlist the support of at least has already become quite independent of the Prime Minister. Although Vladimir Groisman and Poroshenko on the eve of finally jointly called for one in the home for both the winery held an enlarged government meeting on the issues of decentralization.

Decentralization was one of the successful reforms of the power, and hit points on it are ready both the President and the Prime Minister. The event was supposed to be a benefit, but instead, Poroshenko talked about his assignments, which helped reform and massive connectedness of the village. Externally, the state represented the unity, but the main thing the Prime Minister never said a word about the complete and unconditional support of the President and did not hear.

Большой реванш? Политические интриги в стране

Poroshenko of Ukraine in Vinnytsia

So, the parties will continue to swing each other to blackmail the resignation and try to negotiate. Especially that already and the alternative candidates begin to activate. The same storm all presidential ratings Svyatoslav Vakarchuk has returned from the United States, and public speeches are recited by the popular theses about the 20-year tenure of the political elites and the demand for alternative leaders. Directly their presidential ambitions Vakarchuk has not yet confirmed, but the traditional leaders of pre-election measurements too tense.

If internal Affairs are sad and stress out of the Ukraine situation works out well for the Ukrainian authorities. It seems that the unfolding global foreign policy crisis will help the West to prioritize. And the assassination attempt on the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in the UK and another the use of chemical weapons in Syria will finally convince the West that Putin’s Russia is the new “evil Empire”.

The United States expanded sanctions against the oligarchs close to Putin and officials, and “hit where it hurts” (p. 4). Collapsed the ruble and quotes of the Russian companies and the Kremlin has frantically promises the oligarchs. EU for new sanctions to join in no hurry, but Ukraine already has declared readiness to do so.

But more importantly, on the wave of international dissatisfaction with Russia Ukrainian authorities to intensify negotiations on the introduction of peacekeepers in Donbass. In the first half of April, Poroshenko discussed the issue of introducing a peacekeeping mission during visits to Turkey and Germany (p. 9). Even the Turkish side expressed readiness to participate in a possible mission in the Donbas. To be held in may talks the leaders of Germany, France and Ukraine, in which peace initiative will probably be discussed. Of course, without the consent of Russia to launch a peacekeeping mission in the Donbas is impossible. And it is unlikely that new sanctions right now would make the Kremlin more cooperative.