A breakthrough in treating a deadly form of cancer

Совершен прорыв в лечении смертельных форм рака

Identified as an effective way to fight deadly forms of cancer

The successful use of cell therapy has shown efficacy among 60 to 93% of patients.

At Stanford University in the USA defined a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of deadly forms of cancer. It is reported by MedicalXpress.

Based on the results of the application of CAR T-cell therapy in previous years, scientists consider to be the most effective and promising.

CAR T-cell therapy was effective in 60 to 93% of use cases.
So the method was successful with previously incurable cancers.

The best results therapy has shown in acute lymphoblastic leukemia B-cells. But the long-term observation revealed a high percentage of relapses. While large b-cell lymphoma CAR T-cell therapy was less effective, but the relapse rate in this disease is low.

Method is complicated and has not yet shown 100% results, because some forms of cancer develop resistance. Experts hope in the future to correct these deficiencies.

While CAR T-cell therapy in the body of the patient is placed modified protein with fragments of the antibody. It binds to a protein on cancer cells and helps “neutralize”.

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