A case of treason. The search and detention, RIA Novosti

Дело о госизмене. Обыск и задержания в РИА Новости

The head of the RIA Novosti news Agency Ukraine arrested for treason

In Kiev the staff of SBU carried out searches in the editorial office of the news Agency. The head of the portal was arrested, he is suspected of working for Russia.

The security service of Ukraine conducted five searches in the offices of the news Agency RIA Novosti-Ukraine.

SBU detained the head of the portal Kirill Vyshinsky. He is suspected of supporting the breakaway LDNR. The case is investigating the treason. Корреспондент.net gathered details.


Searches and detentions

That the office of the news Agency RIA Novosti Ukraine is being searched, the SBU announced itself this morning. For a few minutes before it became known about the arrest of Kirill Levin – head of the publication.

“From 10 in the morning there is no connection neither with Cyril Wyszynski, nor with other representatives of the Agency. When only one employee who is on a business trip in Sochi,” according to sources of Kommersant, the news Agency.

One of the representatives of RIA Novosti-Ukraine told the newspaper that the Ukrainian security services became interested in the work portal after it has made several reports on the celebration in Ukraine on 9 may.

As the newspaper writes with reference to close to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies sources, some people turned out to be “direct employees” the Russian news Agency RIA Novosti, acting not in the interests of Ukraine”.

In addition, searches were held and the house of journalists. The RIA Novosti correspondent Lyudmila Lysenko said that the SBU officers came to her apartment in Kiev, raided and summoned for questioning, but the delay did not.


Treason and of working for Russia

At the briefing the speaker of the SBU said that the head of the RIA Novosti-Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky has dual citizenship. The second passport was found during searches.

“In addition to legal actions will address the issue of deprivation of the Ukrainian nationality”, – said Deputy Minister Viktor Kononenko, noting that Wyszynski, “better to be judged as a citizen of Ukraine”.

According to her, employees of SBU together with the Prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has revealed the activities of the network of mass-media, controlled by Russia. The Agency believes that the Agency has used the hybrid information war against Ukraine.

At the briefing, zavidi that Vyshinsky did the materials that diskreditiert APU, and get a monthly 53 thousand euros from Russia.

After returning from the Crimea in 2014 Vyshinsky, with the support of several journalists, were active in support LDNR, stated in the security Service.

Vyshinsky also appears in the lists of the Ukrainian Peacemaker website. In 2014 he was awarded the Russian medal of the order For merit to the Fatherland with the wording “for objective coverage of events in Crimea”.

“Established and documented that in the spring of 2014, Vyshinsky was instructed to go to the Crimea to subversive campaigns. It was he, and he controlled the journalists were doing there, which justified the annexation of Crimea and “annexation” of Crimea to Russia. For this he was awarded the state award of the Russian Federation closed by decree of the President of Russia medal For the return of the Crimea”, – stated in the SBU.

About 20 people who “were attracted to journalism RIA Novosti-Ukraine will take place in the investigation as witnesses. In SBU noted that they are Ukrainian citizens.

The interior Ministry, in turn, did not rule out that can pass new detention officers RIA Novosti-Ukraine.

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko wrote in Facebook that the actions Wyszynski fall under article 111 of the Criminal Codecasa of Ukraine – treason. He also attached a picture found at the head of RIA Novosti-Ukraine stuff.


Moscow’s Reaction

After searches of the Russian Embassy has sent the Ukrainian foreign Ministry a note of protest with the requirement “to stop violence against media representatives”. In the document, Russia demanded the immediate release of Vyshinsky and punish those responsible for his detention.

The speaker of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, has called “outrageous and egregious” actions of power structures of Ukraine against the Russian media. The Kremlin has also strongly condemned the actions of the SBU and promised “measures of reciprocity” as soon as you get more detailed information.

In his opinion, such action is “contrary to all norms and rules, they deserve to be condemned by international organizations.

“We will look forward to this tough and uncompromising response,” – said the press Secretary of the Russian President.

The head of the Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky has expressed confidence that at the summer session of the OSCE parliamentary Assembly the Russian delegates will deliver a call to condemn the detention of journalists, RIA Novosti Ukraine.

General Director of MIA Russia today Dmitry Kiselev urged the Ukrainian authorities to immediately release Wyszynski. He also promised to appeal to international structures.

In turn, the chief editor of MIA Russia today RT TV channel Margarita Simonyan said that the actions of the SBU “is a place in Kiev for the Crimean bridge.”

“Broke into our office employees do not get in touch, website not updated, phones blocked,” wrote Simonyan on Twitter.

She noted that the Ukrainian resource is not legally bound to them, but is a media partner.

Дело о госизмене. Обыск и задержания в РИА Новости



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