A communal debts increased by UAH 7 bln for the month

Долги за коммуналку выросли на 7 млрд грн за месяц

The debt of the population to pay for utility services increased

The population debt for housing and utility services was 69.4 billion.

The debt of the population to pay for housing and communal services at the end of February amounted to 69,4 billion – 6.8 billion UAH more than the previous month. On Monday, April 1, according to data of the state statistics.

So, at the end of February the debt of the population to pay for supplies of natural gas amounted to UAH 33.0 bn, for Central heating and hot water supply – UAH 22.0 billion, for maintenance of houses and constructions and house adjoining territories – 4.4 billion UAH, for the centralized supply of cold water and drainage 3.3 billion UAH, and for the removal of household waste – 0.6 billion UAH, for the supply of electric power – UAH 6.1 billion

Average charges for utility services on one owner’s personal account in February 2019 2660,6 amounted to UAH less than in January (2693,2 UAH).

Earlier it was reported that two months of 2019, the number of families assigned to subsidy increased in 1,7 times in comparison with the same period of 2018.


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