A COP killer in the river was found sane

Убийцу копов в Днепре признали вменяемым

Alexander Pugachev was found sane

Conducted a number of examinations, during which the ex-fighter Tornado was found sane.

Former battalion Tornado Alexander Pugachev, who shot two policemen in the river, was found sane, said the Prosecutor’s office in Dnipropetrovsk region.

In September Pugachev shot two police officers near the Dnieper bus station when they checked his documents. Later, the police called the motive for the killing of cops in the river: ex-fighter Tornado did not want that law enforcement agencies saw in the basis that he is wanted.

In Prosecutor’s office reported that the number of examinations in which Pugachev was found sane. Law enforcement officers also consider the fact the assassination of the suspect at the bus driver, who tried to stop the attacker.

It is also noted that the case will go to trial in January. Currently, a number of articles against the suspect.

Earlier also there was a video camera of a slain officer.