A country without immunity. In Ukraine the lowest level of vaccination in the world

Страна без иммунитета. В Украине самый низкий уровень вакцинации в мире

Why Ukrainians are afraid of vaccines

According to the UN, we, along with Somalia, Chad, the Republic of South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Syria, South Sudan and Nigeria entered the top-8 countries that immunized less than half the population.

To be vaccinated or not — the issue has split society into supporters, opponents and undecided. The subject is painful, the situation is dangerous, as Jenner and Pasteur, who came up with vaccinations, spinning in their graves, writes Kateryna Chebotareva to No. 22 the Magazine Reporter.

At what point is the most important invention of the twentieth century, medicine fell out of favor and ceased to inspire confidence and respect? In fact, the opponents of vaccination originated with the vaccination.

Then, almost 300 years ago, the heads of state had the sense and determination to start the vaccination against smallpox, which decimated the population with an enviable constancy, and high efficiency (mortality rate reached 40%, and a survivor with a disfigured faces of the dead were jealous of). It took almost two centuries to erase smallpox from the face of the earth.

Next in line was the measles is the main cause of neonatal mortality. In 1980, before the vaccine was released and a national scale, measles claimed the lives of 2.6 million people. Not so long ago and not so harmless. Mass vaccination gave excellent results, the mortality rate decreased exponentially, and epidemiological happiness loomed on the horizon.

But the final victory has not happened, thanks to one little-known British gastroenterologist, greed, corruption, media, lack of awareness on the part of the state and the fertile soil in the form of lack of intelligence and awareness in the masses.


Prior to 1998, Andrew Wakefield the person only knew his patients and colleagues in the clinic, but after the respected medical journal Lancet published an article by him, everything changed.

Wakefield described the medical records of 12 children with typical autism disorders of behavior and speech, as well as with signs of colitis. Parents of nine of the patients claimed that the symptoms did not appear immediately. The children allegedly were quite normal until they did a combined vaccination against measles, rubella and mumps — MMR (our pocket). “Coincidence? I do not think” — said in the article, Wakefield. He had on this account their own theory, saying that a combined vaccination is too much for a child. After the injection “cocktail” is striking at first, the intestines and the resulting proteins, toxins, the Central nervous system and cause autism.

One problem — the article by Wakefield was purely descriptive, based on the stories and fantasies of the parents. Any research in the control groups and even the original histories of children the researcher was not.

But already had a patent. In 1996, the author registered monovaccine — separate measles vaccine — and became a shareholder pharmaceutical company Carmel Healthcare, which was supposed to produce monovaccine. At that time a three-part vaccine over 10 years successfully instilled in children in the United States, and the Ministry of health of the United Kingdom has decided to adopt this experience. How inappropriate.

Wakefield was invited to the television, to be published in decent journals, fanning the dangerous flames across the country and continent. Parents are afraid of vaccinations like the plague.

The percentage vaccinated with only 95% in three years reduced to 80%, and the British doctor who was last seen measles in the picture in the textbooks on infectious diseases, only had time to diagnose. It cost the lives of four children in a country with a very high level of medicine.

The results of Wakefield began to check doctors around the world. But none of the laboratory and the clinic failed to confirm the link between the associated vaccine and autism. Disease autism persistently observed with the same frequency of 0.5-0.6% in vaccinated, unvaccinated and control group. Then suspected thiomersal is an organic compound of mercury used in some vaccines as a preservative. But these suspicions were not confirmed.

By 2004, the study of Wakefield antiprivivochnaya has spawned a whole movement and many lawsuits against the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine. This fact became interested in the British medical journal (BMJ), the Sunday Times and Brian deer is a journalist specializing in medical and pharmaceutical investigations. The investigation took him a few years, the result — the scandal, the proceedings at large of the medical Commission revoked the article, the exclusion from the medical register, license revocation, medical negligence, fabricated data, violating the ethics and regulations of research.

There is one of the largest medical frauds of our time, but asphalt is gone from the mountain. Antiprivivochnaya movement turned into a medieval sect with the apologists, mostly far from medicine, media venues, where information is often distorted in a fantastic way. Under the distribution fell all vaccinations.

Talked about the “irrelevance” of vaccinations say: infections that keep vaccinations are no longer afraid, we chlorinate the water, wash hands before eating, how long to breastfeed and eat well. Talking about “undeniable harm” to health and about the worldwide pharmaceutical conspiracy to make us speechless and brainless slaves. And all this in the era of evidence-based medicine.

The father-founder antiprivivochnaya movement — Wakefield now lives in Texas and continues its “useful” activities, along with the American opponents of vaccination.


Ukraine entered a zero in a relatively stable condition. About 95% of the population was vaccinated according to the immunization schedule, which provides herd immunity, which prevents outbreaks and epidemics, but also secures the remaining 5% who do not receive vaccination for medical contraindications. And then something went wrong.

It all came together and converged: roll antiprivivochnaya fashion, the medical sphere was paralyzed by corruption and political speculation, the suspension of vaccination on the background of another of hype over vaccinations, the sharp drop in confidence in the doctors and domestic medicine, pocket tenders for procurement of drugs, interruptions in the supply.

And the lack of public awareness of vaccination and a short memory has led to the fact that Ukraine has lost herd immunity, and broke into the lead, becoming the country with the lowest vaccination rates and the highest incidence of measles (according to the world health organization, by July 2018, the share of Ukrainian measles in the European amounted to 56,3%), outbreaks of polio, diphtheria, tetanus. And whether there will be.


In 2008, in the framework of the humanitarian action UNICEF has procured for Ukraine approved by who associated the measles vaccine, diphtheria and tetanus DTP from the Indian manufacturer Serum Institute of India. During grafting of the company has died 16-the summer teenager Anton Tishchenko. Despite the fact that a causal relationship between vaccination and death has not been proven, the information spread in the media with speculation and inferences, some decent media is also no exception, some even conduct their own investigation. As said by the famous pediatrician Eugene Komorowski, the world programme of vaccination was so effective that itself became the enemy, people no longer fear infection and they feared vaccination against these infections.

In addition to the humanitarian gesture of the who tenders for DTP miraculously won the Kharkov pharmaceutical plant Farmstandart-biolek, repeatedly seen in the scandals and subsequent investigations of the Prosecutor’s office and SBU. 19% of the shares at that time belonged to Alexander Bogatyrev, the son of the former Minister of health. Subsequently, he from the shareholders out.

But then the campaign was suspended, the chief sanitary doctor fired and taken into custody for what is allowed to import humanitarian vaccine. Slurred position of the Ministry of health, the lack of explanations and clarifications, the hype and the horror stories have only strengthened the already long-existing distrust of domestic medicine. From this point on the vaccination activity of the slippery slope.

According to the operative data of the Centre for public health, Ministry of health of Ukraine, in the first 10 months of 2018 measles 38.108 sick people. Of them 14.609 23.499 adults and children, and of complications from measles died 15 people — four adults and 11 children. By the time this issue is published, they will be more. Only in the second week of November it 1.682 person.

The greatest increase in the incidence of measles observed in areas where the coverage of routine immunization the least — look at the map.

In the zone of special danger — children 5-9 years, which is 32% of all children. The risk is increased due to the joint presence of children in places of the big congestion of people — schools, kindergartens, entertainment centers, etc.

For herd immunity in this situation may not count. It is not. And it is herd immunity prevents spread of deadly infections in the population. When 95% of the population vaccinated, the individual cases remain individual. Vaccinated people with a 98% probability of forming a specific immunity against specific infections, and it means that with the same probability, the person will not get sick. If the immune system is in the power of the individual is formed with insufficient force, people can get sick, but takes the disease in a mild form and probably without any complications. Thus, the collective immunity is the shield that protects the entire population.


Journalists, pediatricians, infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists, immunologists write and shoot explanatory articles and programmes trying to debunk the myths about vaccination and to bring benefit to the population, but radical antireligioznik see it as a conspiracy. And to convince them to convince religious fanatics. These marginals, fortunately, some on a national scale. They are specialists of wide profile, far from medicine and related Sciences. They have YouTube channels, forums and websites that are similar to one another, contain cross-references, copied each other’s texts and videos do not contain references to scientific articles, and contain very emotional comments that impress even the boldest imagination. Dialogue with them is absolutely useless and even harmful for the nervous system activity.

Much more numerous is the group of doubters. Representatives of this group doubt the assessments of vaccination, can’t afford to get vaccinations for themselves and their children. They are called vaccine hesitancy. Representatives of this group, in contrast to the radicals, and you need to talk and work. They don’t tend to believe in conspiracy theories in General agree that vaccinations for humanity has done and is doing a good and important thing, but they have doubts in terms of safety and effectiveness of vaccination directly for their children and themselves.


The hesitation confesses who to be a global problem, and its study and search of methods of struggle and decisions is given much attention and resources.

To the doubters decide on the vaccination must be met three conditions: confidence, ease and inner peace. That is, the conductive vaccinated doctors, authorities, procuring the vaccine and the vaccine itself should inspire confidence, and the process and schedule of vaccination should be comfortable. And all along what is happening is to invoke the feeling that the decision in favor of vaccinations taken correctly.

If you want to be really cynical, antiprivivochnaya mood well “treated” by the outbreaks. But “treatment” is very expensive and tragically complete. On the website of the MOH shows data on the number vaccinated by regions in percentage terms. Today, the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) leads, in some areas reaching 95%, leaving far behind diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis b, tuberculosis, polio is very serious infection. The story is reminiscent of the situation with the first snow in late autumn. According to the calendar, the weather center warned. The promised snow fell, someone already on winter tires — well, someone is recorded to the queue for replacement in the foreseeable future and rides the subway, and someone goes to the summer tires. Dementia and courage ().

I must say that the level of human ignorance in the population is distributed approximately equally. Ordinary people in Ukraine, Somalia and Australia equally no idea how the immune system and how vaccinations work. They don’t have to. That’s just the layman in Somalia and Australia knows that the doctor exactly understands magic better than himself. But the Ukrainian man in the street, having read articles on the Internet, consider themselves more competent in medicine, as well as in matters of politics and economy.

Let’s see the most striking myths about vaccines. Be warned, some of them outright obscurantism and idiocy. It would be funny if it were not so sad.

  • A conspiracy by pharmaceutical corporations for profit.
  • “Vaccine manufacturers are trying to cheat you, think you any money to give, if only your child didn’t die. Want to nail? Prove them wrong. If at least hundreds of parents decide, like you, better to let the child die than to spend forty bucks, believe me, prices for vaccines just collapses,” Dr. house

    In Ukraine, as in many other countries, children up to 18 years and adults at risk — military, educators and medical staff are vaccinated for free. Production of vaccines, testing them for effectiveness and safety is under strict and constant control by the who. Just for safety testing, it takes about 12 years. Such production — the pleasure is not cheap, difficult and troublesome, with regular guests in a variety of inspection commissions. From the point of view of profit pharmaceutical companies is much more profitable to produce drugs for the treatment of symptoms in existing sufferers. When things go South, parents are willing to pay for them any money.

    2. Global conspiracy to enslave the world, turning us into people with disabilities and people with autism with exposure to mercury and aluminum salts.

    It is not clear why someone in the world with a high number of disabled and autistic people. To work in the uranium mines is not suitable, the organs also do not disassemble.

    Inactivated vaccines (fragments of killed viruses) do contain organic salt of ethyl mercury. It is used as a preservative. The number varies from 0.5 to 55 micrograms in one dose. The duration of excretion from the body is five or six days. Multiple studies have proven safety and lack of cumulative effect. This information is publicly available on the who website under “Immunizations”. There you can find answers to any questions regarding vaccination, it would wish. For comparison, an organic salt of mercury in fish and seafood, not less.

    The insoluble aluminium salt is introduced into the vaccine DTP and hepatitis b vaccine to enhance the immune response, in addition, it “threaded” major antigens of the causative agents of whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus. Attention! Themselves pathogens, these vaccines do not contain. This vaccine is injected strictly intramuscularly, in the thigh. To the place of introduction rush immune cells to discover and develop antibodies. Develops a local inflammatory reaction, which gives discomfort, swelling and leg pain that is a normal reaction. The amount of this salt in a single dose of the vaccine is comparable to the amount of aluminium in a couple of carrots, formula, breast milk, apples, baked goods, drugs from heartburn, etc., etc.

    3. We bring substandard/counterfeit/expired Indian vaccine.

    All vaccines used for routine vaccination in Ukraine, UNICEF buys, they all meet the international requirements of efficiency and safety and approved by who. The Indian group is the largest in the world in the production of vaccines. They vaccinated more than half the people on the planet. If the marketers you are inclined to trust Indian manufacturer, then you can purchase vaccines from European manufacturers at pharmacies to be vaccinated or those in private clinics. From 100 UAH for the introduction of tetanus toxoid, about 1,600 Belgian DTP and the most expensive — 2.800 — against pneumococcal infection.

    4. The risks of complications from vaccinations is higher than the risk of getting sick.

    Yes, but only in the presence of herd immunity, that is, when vaccinated a minimum of 95% of the population and no one is sick. The picture changes dramatically in his absence. A good example is the current situation with measles in Ukraine. If humans have no immunity, when contact with the patient (and that becomes contagious a few days before the onset of symptoms) he is sick with a probability of 100%, and then infect someone else and continue the chain. This is another explanation for the indignant parents “unvaccinated healthy children,” which is not allowed to visit the children’s and educational institutions in the current situation. This is one of the prevention of the epidemic and the protection of the unvaccinated children who are the main target of the disease which has severe complications and possibility of fatality.

    5. Prolonged feeding breast milk protects the baby from infections.

    Protects (subject to the availability of immunity from mom), but only up to six months, regardless of whether you feed it breast for six months or six years. In the middle Ages and Renaissance women, too long fed babies at the breast, and the epidemic claimed the lives of millions, devastating entire cities and countries, and the infant mortality rate was 45%.

    6.Hardening of the baby, vitamins and organic foods enhance the immune system naturally and protects from infections.

    The child would actually be less sick with colds, but measles virus and diphtheria Lolly’t care how you wash your hands often, go to the sea and how well you eat. We are talking about specific immunity, which is produced only in two cases, after the disease and the vaccination. The first is much more dangerous and more expensive for life, health and wallet.

    7. “Why should I vaccinate a child if other children are vaccinated”.

    Has not, to date, in Ukraine there is no herd immunity, vaccinated, less than half.

    8. Child so small, let them grow and get stronger, integrated vaccine — too much.

    The immunization schedule is similar in different countries, and it was written by a suffering child morbidity and mortality. The child’s immune system is not yet formed and is not able to fight at full strength, which is why young children are particularly vulnerable to infections. Vaccination as a simulator for pilots in the result, the immune system learns and acquires skills in order to cope with this aircraft.


    As expected, the radical opponents of vaccination to the contact with the journalist was not released at all. I was able to talk with several moms who do not teach their children or instilled in them in the past, i.e. from the group of doubters, almost all of them wished to remain unknown. Children of sympathizers and activists antiprivivochnaya users usually visit schools and kindergartens fake certificates bought from unscrupulous doctors clinics and is a criminal act classified as a criminal conspiracy and forgery, which relies of imprisonment for a term of three to five years.

    Only one of the “converted” to the true faith, agreed to tell his story under his name and photo.

    Anna Stepanova, two children

    “My oldest son is now 14 years old, when he was born, I was young and “progressive” mother. Now I can’t explain clearly and to argue, which made me not to give him vaccinations. The General mood — say, no more threat of diseases, and vaccinations have complications. My son was a healthy boy until he has manifested a blood cancer at the age of 1.5 years. Began the terrible period of hospitalization and multiple courses of chemotherapy. In the hospital blood transfusion infected him with hepatitis B. in children it is almost always chronic. We now regularly give blood, watching viral load, and make FibroTest. Hepatitis b leads to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Not a day goes by that I don’t regret the done, or, rather, not made vaccination against hepatitis B. the Youngest — 7 years old, he has all the shots, even from meningococcal disease”.

    Natalia’s son is 24 years old

    “Vaccination is the son of only the ones in the hospital did. Further it is not planted. His dad graduated from medical school and believed that vaccination is useless and even harmful. I hadn’t thought of that. But I have a result the son had only chicken pox”.

    Have you heard the one about the concept of “herd immunity”? Never heard of it.

    Alena S., two children, 18 months and 8 years

    “Senior has all the vaccinations according to the schedule. Now she’s an adult, studying abroad. Junior had only the first DPT and BCG one. I was very scared of life my friend, we together gave birth to the girls and went together to the clinic for vaccination. After vaccination, the daughter of a friend began to lag behind in development, not gaining weight, was lethargic, shortly after admission, the child went into a coma and died. The doctor really did not explain, and the question is, could this be related to vaccination, shrugged and said, well, you have answered your own question. Since I didn’t do vaccinations, buy certificate, it is inexpensive — 200-300 UAH. Now we moved to Spain, and I understand that there is help not buy. Maybe if I find a pediatrician who will explain everything to me, and I will trust him, you will return to the issue of vaccination.”

    Anna, 33 years old, son 1.5 years

    “I am a supporter of natural nurturing the child. Breastfeeding and will feed as long as possible, never been vaccinated, no, medicines too do not give. With one exception, when the summer holidays at the seaside near Odessa, he had a fever of 40.5, had diarrhea, he was very lethargic, we went to the hospital. Can’t say that I am a categorical opponent of vaccination. When he grows up, I might think about vaccination. We travel often to Asia”.


    Camp conscious pleased with the popularity and hunting, with which they expressed their opinions. All the interviewed parents said that children tolerate vaccination, all reactions within the acceptable range. They shared their “secrets” of successful and safe vaccination.

    Julia Shashkova, daughter

    “Instilled, instill, and inculcate! We cater to private clinic, we have medical insurance. Wakciniruut healthy baby after pediatric. I believe in evidence-based medicine and understand the importance of herd immunity and responsibility”.

    Alexander Chirkov, a psychotherapist, have three children, 10, 13 and 16 years old

    “All children are vaccinated according to the immunization schedule, vaccinate annually against influenza. We have a very good pediatrician children from birth.”

    Alexey Taranenko, two daughters

    “Of course, vaccinated both children. Revaccinate and me and the wife. Carefully choosing the doctor to whom trust, ask questions, ask for vaccination certificates and are interested in the conditions of storage of vaccines, get information from reliable sources”.

    Olga Zhurba, three kids, twins age 9, daughter 5 years

    “All children are vaccinated according to the schedule. Observed in the district hospital, one pediatrician with the birth of twins. Vaccinations carry predictable”.

    Alexander Matvienko, two children

    “I have two children, my eldest is autistic, but both of my kids vaccinated according to the vaccination calendar. We trust our pediatrician, and he watches both kids. No signs of recourse my daughter has is not observed. We are actively engaged in its development, which gives good results. Unfortunately, among parents of children with autism the majority of those who refuse vaccinations. Scary to think what would happen if their children get sick with infections that can affect the Central nervous system”.


    First, to think and to follow information hygiene, referring to reliable sources, ignore the radical sites of antitreponemal and YouTube channels of their leaders, to ask the pediatrician if it does not respond to your questions — change the pediatrician. Doctors are people too, they do not issue diplomas amulets from stupidity and lack of desire to grow in the profession. Now it is possible to choose physician and enter into a contract. The poor will be forced to change jobs. Do not be shy to require certificate to the vaccine and look into the refrigerators immunization. By the way, many bottles are now supplied with sensors — they are in violation of a temperature mode of storage can change color and become dark.

    Adopted in the summer of 2018 the new immunization schedule is getting easier and involves fewer visits. You can access it on the website of the MOH of Ukraine, it is also possible to ensure availability of vaccines according to the regions and see the level of vaccination in a particular area, and in the country as a whole.

    The author is a certified medic, the mother of an adult daughter.

    What punishment is necessary to introduce to the parents for failure to vaccinate children without medical contraindications?*

    No liability it is not necessary to enter — and 70.13%

    The deprivation of social benefits for the child and benefits — 14,86%

    A fine of 10 thousand UAH — 6,55%

    A fine and criminal liability in the form of imprisonment of 8.46%

    * According to the survey on the website Korrespondent.net