A couple from Russia asked for asylum in Ukraine – SBS

Семейная пара из РФ попросила убежище в Украине – ГПСУ

Border guards check the objectivity of the information provided by the Russians

Two trespassers, who were sent to the Ukraine, outside the checkpoints, was detained by the guards of the Sumy group.

Border guards detained two trespassers with Russian citizenship, who said they wanted to seek political asylum in Ukraine. It is reported by the state border service on Monday, may 13.

It is noted that the Russians went to Ukraine outside check points. The detainees reported that they were spouses and, passing Russian checkpoints, fleeing Russia because of persecution.

“During the conversation the man said that more than ten years he was engaged in a lucrative business, namely automobiles, which were constantly subjected to pressure and forced to pay tribute from the head of one of the police Department of the city of Moscow. In 2010 he was forced to close his business because of the constant threats and create artificial barriers from the authorities”, – stated in the message.

Also the Russians said that we created the Internet page where you expressed dissatisfaction with the current government of the Russian Federation, he spoke negatively regarding the annexation of Crimea and Russia’s actions in the international arena and touting other Russian opposition bloggers. Because of this, he and his family allegedly began to receive threats with the requirement to delete the published materials.

“In this regard, they made the decision with his wife to illegally enter the territory of Ukraine and ask for political asylum. According to them, the decision they had made because of compliance and security in Ukraine the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person”, – frontier guards noted.

Against the Russians continued verification measures.

Earlier it was reported that two police officers of the Russian Federation asked for asylum in Ukraine. They argued that in respect of them on the territory of Russia custom fabricated and investigated a criminal case.

Recall, a soldier of the FSB of Russia Sergey Udovichenko asked for political asylum in Ukraine. The man said, what is ethnic Ukrainian, fluent in Ukrainian language and do not agree with the policy of the current Russian government. After participating in the protests he fears political persecution.

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