A court in Germany lifted all restrictions on the capacity of the OPAL gas pipeline

Суд в Германии снял все ограничения на мощности газопровода OPAL

Gazprom will be able to use OPAL to 90%.

The higher regional court of düsseldorf has lifted all legal restrictions on the holding of auctions for using capacities of the OPAL gas pipeline. About Russian media said the press service of the company-operator OpalGastransport GmbH & Co KG.

Practically, this means that Russian Gazprom will be able to use the OPAL pipeline at 90%. About 10% of the capacity of OPAL should be reserved for other gas suppliers, but if the power remains unused, Gazprom will be able to claim on them. A decades-old ban on access to the Russian gas monopoly to almost all facilities OPAL in October 2016, lifted by the European Commission.

However, this was opposed by the Polish gas company PGNiG and the Polish government. They filed lawsuits to the European court and the court of düsseldorf, after which the maximum utilization of Gazprom OPAL was again suspended.

This pipeline actually is the onshore continuation of the Nord stream and associates it with the entire gas transmission system of Europe. According to expert estimates, the use by Gazprom of additional capacity of the OPAL reduces the role of Ukraine as a transit country.

Earlier, the presidents of Ukraine and Poland in a joint statement stressed that the decision of the European Commission on the Opal gas pipeline undermines energy security strategy of the EU.

Source: Russian service of DW