A court in Kyiv fined the leader of one of the parties for the late filing of financial report of the political forces

В Киеве суд оштрафовал лидера одной из партий за несвоевременную подачу финотчета политсилы

National Agency on corruption prevention (NACP)

Shevchenko district court of Kyiv fined the Chairman of the party “Force of law” for the late filing of the report of the political power on property, income, expenses and obligations of financial character. This was announced by the National Agency on corruption prevention (NACP). The corresponding Protocol was prepared by the Department for the prevention of political corruption NACP.

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“The deadline for the submission of reports by political parties the National Agency for prevention of corruption was on 9 November 2016. A political party that has violated the deadlines for the submission of its financial reports, according to the Code of Ukraine on administrative offences and the law of Ukraine “On political parties in Ukraine” be liable to administrative responsibility”, – said the head of the Department Roman Smyk.

According to the court, Chairman of the political party found guilty of committing an administrative offense under article 212-21 of the Cao (violation of the established procedure or deadlines for the submission of the financial report on receipt and use of electoral Fund of a political party report on property, incomes, expenses and obligations of financial nature or presentation of the financial report, issued with violation of the established requirements). It will be charged a fine in amount of 300 tax-free minimum incomes of citizens. Now this amount is 5.1 thousand UAH.

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