A day in ATO killed one Ukrainian military

За сутки в АТО погиб один украинский военный

Positions of the Ukrainian military fired 22 times.

For the last days positions of the Ukrainian Armed forces on Donbass fired 22 times. This was reported in the summary of the headquarters of the ATO page in Facebook on Tuesday morning, July 11.

In addition as a result of blasting in the area of Stanytsia Luhanska around 19.00 Monday one Ukrainian serviceman was lost.

According to staff, the greatest number of attacks – 12, was recorded at the seaside track. In addition, the separatists from grenade launchers fired at the Berezovoe and birch. On the settlement of Shirokino beat from heavy machine guns and infantry fighting vehicle, according to the headquarters. “Also hostile machine guns worked on Talakovka and Marinka. In response to the provocation of the enemy main Ukrainian defenders opened fire from heavy machine guns”, – stated in the message.

In turn, the self-proclaimed LDNR argue that the military activity on the line of contact of the parties declined.

Earlier it was reported that in the fighting in the area ATO gunshot injured two Ukrainian military.