A day in the ATO: “hot” all the Marinka

Сутки в АТО: "горячее" всего у Марьинки

In Donetsk announced the increase in shelling from the APU.

Over the past day illegal armed groups 33 times opened fire at ATO forces, in particular, 9 attacks came from a large calibre, have informed in the press center of the headquarters.

“Ignoring the Minsk agreements, the militants struck fire strikes from mortars of a calibre of 120 mm in the direction of Popasnaya, and mortars of 82mm caliber – on the Ukrainian fortifications near zaytsevo and Marinka”, – stated in the message.

Again it was hot only in the area of the Town, where separatists used against the Ukrainian divisions of both mortars of calibers by adding the fire from grenade-launchers of various systems, machine guns and small arms, noted in the headquarters.

“Despite the serious onslaught of militants in Marinka, where the IAF 14 times used a whole Arsenal of weapons, including mortar rounds caliber 82mm, the control remains for the Armed forces of Ukraine”, – said the headquarters of ATO.

In the message also it is noted that the activity of the enemy is shown and in the direction of Shirokino, Water, Birch, Krasnogorovka, the mine Butovka, Happiness and Novozvanovka.

“Over the same period, forces of the antiterrorist operation 14 times opened fire on the most threatening directions of rapprochement of the enemy” – it is told in the message.

At the same time, according to the DNR, war 56 times fired on their position, firing 261 mortar mine caliber 82 mm and 120 mm, 22 artillery shells of 122 mm and 152, as well as Prosvet 31 shots from tanks.

“The most intensive attacks targeted the villages zaytsevo, Wide beam, Golmovsky, and Nikitovka, Gorlovka and the city itself, and Yasinovataya, the village of Vesele, Gabisheva and Spartacus in the Northern suburbs of Donetsk, the territory of the airport, Volvo Center and the Petrovsky district of the capital DND. In addition, under the fire of the APU was the village of Shanka and Kominternovo, on the South DND”, – stated in the message.

As reported, on the eve of intensivnost of attacks in the Donbass fell by half.

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