A day in the Donbas regime of silence was broken four times

Днем на Донбассе режим тишины нарушили четыре раза

APU returned fire to suppress enemy provocations

The separatists in the Donbas day, four times violated the ceasefire. In the area of the Sands the sniper worked.

Within the current day, January 2, in the area of operations of the combined forces in the Donbas separatists in the period from 00:00 to 18:00 Wednesday, four times violated the ceasefire. About it reports a press-the centre of OOS in Facebook.

It is indicated that the strongholds of Ukrainian troops were fired from grenade launchers of various systems, heavy machine guns and small arms near the hamlet of Villeneuve in the direction of Lugansk and also close to the villages of Experienced in the direction of Donetsk and the settlement Water in the direction of Mariupol.

In addition to the above weapons, in the village of Pisky in Donetsk direction of the recorded work of the sniper.

“As a result of shelling, one soldier of the United forces didn’t suffer”, – reported in the headquarters of the environmental protection.

Previously in the Armed forces of Ukraine said about the disappearance of a soldier of the 128th separate mountain-assault Carpathian brigade in the night of 29 December 2018 in the Donbas. His search has not yet yielded results.

It was also reported that units of the separatists of January 1, three times opened fire on positions of the APU: one Ukrainian soldier was killed and another two were injured.

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