A day in the terrorist attacks of Maryinka and Donetsk

Сутки в АТО: обстрелы Марьинки и Донецка

The military counted 42 of attack for the day, and the DNR say about 41 released mine.

For the last days positions of the Ukrainian military came under fire 42 times, reports the press center of the ATO.

“Mortars caliber 82 mm in the direction of the ATO forces were used by militants in Avdeyevka, Water, Taranchula, Novotoshkovskoye, Krasnogorovka and of this Village, and mortars of calibres of 120 mm – divisions of VSU in the area Novotroitsk”, – is told in the message.

According to the military, enemy activity was observed near Novozvanovka, Leporidae, Szerokiego, Happiness, and Popasna Village, Luhansk.

“Most of the fire from grenade-launchers of various systems, machine guns, small arms recorded in Marinka. During the period the fighters Mat 13 were forced to open fire in response,” – said the headquarters of ATO.

It is also reported that during a combat mission died Ukrainian soldier – a fighter of the 122-th separate airmobile battalion.

“Today (25 April – ed.) when performing combat missions killed our sister Isaev Sergey. The command of the unit and all personnel 122nd oemb I Express my condolences to the family and friends of Sergei”, – reported in the battalion.

In turn, the DNR continue to blame the military in the shelling of outskirts of Donetsk, Gorlovka, Yasinovataya.

“Enemy units before released 41 mine caliber 82 mm on the village Trudovskoye, zaytsevo, the area Yasinovataya and Chance. The attacks began around 21:00 and only ended by 04:00”, – transfers the edition GIVEN.

It is reported that the fire was conducted from positions in Maryinka, Jovance, Avdiivka and Shirokino, using along with mortars and rocket-propelled grenades and small arms.

As reported, in the night of Sunday the situation in the Donbass escalated military averaged 41 shelling per day, and in hundreds of DNR released min.

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