A deterioration in ATO: Two soldiers killed, five wounded

Обострение в АТО: Два бойца погибли, пять ранены

The APU suffered loss June 2

The enemy actually doubled the number of attacks in the Donbas.

For the last day, 2 may, units of the separatists 53 times fired at positions of the Ukrainian military in the Donbass. In the fighting, two Ukrainian servicemen were killed and another five injured, the press center of staff ATO.

According to the military, almost half of the attacks occurred in the coastal areas – 25 times. In particular, the 120-mm mortars, the enemy repeatedly fired at the fortifications around Chermalyk. From the Western outskirts of Donetsk several times from mortars caliber 82 mm otkrylasya fire on strong points of ATO forces near Marinka. During one of these attacks, at about 17.00, a few enemy mines fell on a residential quarter of the village. Two local residents were injured.

In the area of Water, Hnutove, Talakovka, Pavlopol, Bogdanovka and Novotroitsk, the enemy repeatedly fired rocket-propelled grenades and small arms of various calibres. At the Bogdanovka was shooting an enemy sniper.

Again, the complicated situation in the Donetsk area. In particular, unrest was in the southern and Eastern suburbs of the Town, where the enemy several times opened fire on strong points of the 120-mm and 82-mm mortars, also from weapons of lower power. In addition, the 120-mm mortars and grenade launchers fired at Ukrainian military that hold the defense near the Sands. From heavy machine guns gets near Experienced. From the vicinity of Horlivka, using grenade launchers of various modifications and armament of infantry fighting vehicles, the separatists carried out attacks on the strongholds in the area of zaytsevo and Maori.

On the Lugansk direction the enemy fire was the strengthening of the APU near Novoaleksandrovka, Novozvanovka, krymske and Stanytsia Luhanska, where the enemy shot from grenade launchers and small arms. Besides, the Crimean, the enemy opened fire from infantry fighting vehicles. And near the station of Donets were used 82-mm mortars.

As reported Корреспондент.netper day June 1, posium APU 28 times opened fire, despite the declared mode of silence. That day the military did not suffer losses.

It was also reported that Ukrainian units have improved positions near Bakhmutskaya track. In particular, the soldiers of the 93rd separate guards mechanized brigade have moved a distance of about a mile in the so-called “grey zone”, which was equipped with a new position.

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