A dream come true Lily Rebrik

Сбылась мечта Лилии Ребрик

In the early summer of this year, construction company Evrodim reported that got its advertising face. They became well-known Ukrainian actress and TV presenter Liliya rebryk. Carefully considering and discussing different variants of a country house, the family Lily chose this company. And so began their collaboration.

Liliya Rebrik along with her husband Andrew Wild and daughter Diana for a long time searched for cozy country house where you will spend the weekend, to arrange family celebrations, to relax from the city bustle and be closer to nature. In the cottage “Forest lake”, which is in Excess of the Makarov, they found exactly what I was looking for. The forest, the lake, the scent of pine needles in the air, peace and quiet – this is their desired harmony.

Сбылась мечта Лилии Ребрик

Around the cottage pine forest, to the nearest lake – 200 m


The background of the search cottages began a conversation with their daughter, who asked the dog. Explaining to the child the impossibility of keeping dogs in the apartment, the parents are inventive, Diana was faced with the most important task – to find a country house, where you can have a desirable dog. As they said: “How to buy a house, have you a dog”, Diana, grasping these words, naive, childish, said: “So let’s buy the country”. By adopting this phrase as a challenge, Lily and Andrew began to think over important purchases for their families.

In an interview with representatives of the company Lily told me that dreamed of family, favorite work and a country house. At that time two dreams have already come true, but the house was only optimistic thoughts for the future. Evrodim with a great desire took hold of this dream. Project coordination, construction process, design choice of external finishes and the result is obvious. Now the construction company can safely claim to have achieved the dream Lily Rebrik.

Сбылась мечта Лилии Ребрик

Joyful Diana posing on the terrace of new family houses

Here is what the actress about his home in “lake Forest”: “We are sincerely grateful to the specialists of the company evrodom. Reviews of our family about their work is the best. We were constantly in touch with the Manager of cottage, our wishes heard, construction work was carried out efficiently and on time. And the main thing – the house was built for the birthday of Diana. By signing the contract with the company, we noticed an interesting point – the date of completion of construction and transfer of houses to coincide with the birthday of our daughter – she was 5 years old. We are pleased by this coincidence, and Diana so in General. As promised the house was built before the specified date (despite the fact that during the construction process, we made suggestions on additional work, which required more time) – Diana got her anniversary present. So now it remains only to perform domestic work, and get a dog. We are happy!”

The company is now actively encourages you to celebrate New year in their own country. It needs to come in the cottage “Forest lake” and choose a finished house.

More information about the prices of houses and the cottage, please phone or 097-250-50-50 be found on the website of evrodom. Feedback about their work and current offers you can keep a track on the official pages in social networks.