A drought in Germany, farmers receive 340 million euros in compensation

Засуха в Германии: фермеры получат 340 млн евро компенсации

The Federal authorities can range from 150 to 170 million euros in non-repayable subsidies.

The farmers of Germany in connection with large-scale drought can count on compensation from the authorities. Total payments could reach 340 million euros, said on Wednesday, August 22, Minister of food and agriculture, Julia klöckner.

It is noted that this amount includes funds from the Federal government and land authorities. The contribution of Berlin can be from 150 to 170 million euros in non-repayable subsidies.

The drought that has engulfed this summer in Germany, was seriously injured about 10 thousand households. The reduction in their revenues up to 30%.

We explained that the rationale for the allocation of financial aid from the Federal Treasury is “natural event on a national scale”, that is a severe drought for all time of meteorological observations in Germany.

Earlier it was reported that the total loss to farmers from drought in the eight States of Germany amounted to nearly 3 billion euros. The German peasant Union demanded that the authorities of one billion euros as an emergency aid to farmers.

This year Germany is expected to worst harvest in 15 years. Winter wheat will be harvested at 20% less than last year, and winter rye – 28% less.

Source: Russian service of Deutsche Welle