A fine of Volkswagen in the United States devoted to the development of electromobility

Штраф Volkswagen в США направят на развитие электромобильности

The largest amount (almost 423 million dollars) will transfer to California

Us States will receive from 8 to 423 million dollars from the funds listed as a fine German concern VW.

The United States intends to use for the development of electromobility funds received from the payment of billions of dollars in fines by the German Volkswagen group in the course of diesel scandal. The money will go to replace old diesel vehicles, especially school and city buses, more environmentally friendly models, as well as on the development of a network of columns for charging electric cars, according to the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag on Sunday, August 12.

To date, almost all States and territories of the United States, and representatives of Indian tribes have applied for funding from the environmental Fund VW Diesel Emissions Environmental Mitigation Trust, which in turn received $ 2.9 billion from fines paid by Volkswagen.

As reports the edition with reference to the Ministry of energy of the United States, each state will initially be listed from 8 to 423 million dollars, to 20 States will receive an amount in excess of $ 50 million. While 22 States already has provided ready-made plans for their use, another 20 had prepared the draft plans.

The largest amount (almost 423 million dollars) will transfer California. With these funds the state plans, in particular, to modernize and to make more environmentally friendly vehicles in industrial enterprises and railway stations cargo handling.

The authorities of Georgia intend to purchase running on electricity shuttles to Atlanta airport. And Vermont has developed a program electric transit and school buses. The authorities of the US capital city of Washington are going to acquire environmentally friendly trucks, as well as to provide awards to residents and local companies in the modernization of the car.

According to Welt am Sonntag, in a number of States are waging a fierce debate on the expenditure of these funds. In particular, it concerns the three States that receive large amounts of Texas (209.4 mln dollars), Florida (166,3 million) and new York (127,7 million).

Earlier, the German industrial and trade chamber has assessed the costs associated with disengaja 500 million euros.

Source: Russian service of DW


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