A giant iceberg broke off from a glacier in Antarctica

Гигантский айсберг откололся от ледника в Антарктиде

The iceberg broke off from a glacier in Antarctica

He broke away from the glacier pine island in West Antarctica. In size it is somewhat inferior to the city of Kharkiv.

In the Antarctic glacier pine island, located to the West of the continent, the iceberg broke off. In size a giant block of ice comparable to that of Kharkov – its area is 300 square kilometers, at the time, as the area of the city 50 kilometers more. This writes Gizmodo.

“What is especially noteworthy in this event is the fact that the frequency of formation of icebergs appears to be increasing. In 2000 years of events of this magnitude occur about every five years. But in 2013 there were four events, including last year”, – said on this occasion an expert in the field of remote sensing of ice Steve Lermitt from the University in Delft.

According to experts, in recent years, the glacier pine island drastically reduced, at that time, as a stream of icebergs is increasing.

According to the provided satellite information, the front of the glacier for decades, slipped into the ocean. However, in recent years it has begun to deteriorate rapidly.

Lermitt emphasizes that these changes are essential for the prospects of sea-level rise.

“This is one of the potential hot in the truest sense of the word points in Antarctica,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that in Antarctica was recorded a strange movement of iceberg A-68, which broke away from the glacier Larsen S.

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