A landmark event. The agreement with Boeing Antonov

Знаковое событие. Соглашение Антонова с Boeing

Ukrainian state-owned company reached an agreement with the U.S. this huge aircraft, which could be the impetus for the revival of the once strong Antonov.

Ukrainian Antonov state concern signed an agreement with the division of this huge aircraft Boeing – Aviall Services, Inc. Agreements were reached at the aerospace salon Farnborough – one of the largest and oldest shows of the world, which takes place in Britain.

The U.S. company plans to supply Ukraine spare parts to resume production of the aircraft stopped due to the rupture of economic ties with Russia. Корреспондент.net tells details.


What Antonov has agreed with Boeing

17 July, representatives of the Ukrainian company Antonov has signed at Farnborough General agreement with a subsidiary of the Boeing company Aviall Services.

In Antoniv say that through this transaction received the “reliable partner” and “major integrating link” to purchase components in the framework of import substitution.

“During the air show hosted a significant event that will be a crucial step towards the resumption of serial production of aircraft An-1X8, consisting of upgraded models of the An-148, An-158, An-178,” – said the President of Antonov, Alexander Donets in an interview with the 112 Ukraine.

He noted that the agreement with such a giant is a sign for the Antonov.

“Many companies have started differently to treat us. After the conclusion of the agreement, the status of our company was increased,” said Donets.

Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Russia with layouts. The largest Airshow

Cooperation will go in two main directions. Antonov creates a materially-bonded warehouse on the premises, and the Aviall supply components required for production aircraft An.

In conversation with DW representatives of Antonov explained that Aviall will supply Ukraine with “a wide range of products from different manufacturers from different countries”, thereby taking over part of the logistics functions.

“In particular, delivered parts for unfinished cars, which are now in our hangars (currently in the shops there are ten unfinished Antonov an-148 and An-158),” said Donets.

According to CNBC, the agreement, Aviall will supply parts for Assembly of eight aircraft per year.

Until the parties finally approved the entire list of components that will supply the Americans. However, the Antonov agreement with Aviall became a full-fledged version of import substitution after the break with Russia, said the President of the company.

“Besides, it is very convenient and advantageous, because it allows you to save a company’s circulating assets, not spend them on the purchase of materials and components,” he said.

New An-132. As Ukraine without Russia

The release of the first An-158 is planned for next year. The exact date is not yet known.

The second important part of the agreement with Aviall for the operation of An aircraft. In particular, the American company will participate in providing after-sales technical support.

“Aviall will form a pool of supply of components, and in case of breakdown in any country can provide the necessary replacement, using the logistic network of Boeing and operators will be able to get them any time and anywhere in the world”, – said the President of Antonov.


Whether to wait for the revival of the Antonov

According to experts, it is the failure of Ukrainian aircraft manufacturers to provide continuous after-sales support of aircraft anywhere in the world more scared off customers.

“The buyer will choose the service anywhere in the world. If such a service is not, then, no matter how unique the car looked, she is interested in the buyer much less,” – explained in comments DW Director of information consulting company DefenseExpress Sergey Zgurets.

For new aircraft Antonov now there are buyers. For example, the Azerbaijani Silk Way Airlines is interested in purchasing ten Antonov An-178, said Donets.

In Ukrainian companies believe that through cooperation with the Americans will be able to actively bring to market a lineup of passenger aircraft An-148, An-158 and an Antonov An-178.

While only one flying prototype of the An-178, which passes the testing phase. In expert circles have repeatedly stated that the transport aircraft could be the “trick” of Ukrainian aircraft manufacturers, which will give them a package of standing orders.

Anyway, as the current situation on the market of passenger and cargo transportation could potentially help revive the once-strong Ukrainian aircraft industry.

A study by the international consulting company AlixPartners govoritsa that over the next few years strong growth is expected in the airline industry.

With average annual growth rates of approximately 4.5 percent over the next 20 years, the fleet of the companies-carriers may almost doubled – from 22.3 thousand in 2017 to about 40 million in 2037.


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